Playstation 3 games stolen from store

Police are appealing for information after £1,700 worth of Playstation 3 games were stolen from a store.

Officers were called to Currys in Old Shoreham Road, Hove, at 2pm on Saturday when staff realised that the games were missing.

The boxes of games are normally kept secure due to their high value, but the management found an empty box on the shop floor and realised the games had been taken.

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techie4307d ago

Curry's you silly fools.

Killer Cop4307d ago

Seriosly is this news?! Jesus! I'll get my PS3 after Easter is that news too? I made a my own plate where it can stand on, is that news also?

Good lord, this site is spamming.

techie4307d ago

news bot who runs this site posted watch it.

ammojoe4307d ago

Yes this is news. Its gaming related and its news.

This just in: "KC made a his own plate where it can stand on" WTF does it mean? Just a friendly jab though man. I am glad you are getting your PS3 soon!

SmokeyMcBear4307d ago

woohoo, cheap games on ebay coming soon

Keyser4307d ago

LOL!!! Possession of stolen property is still illegal.

SmokeyMcBear4307d ago

ignorance is bliss
what you don't know won't hurt you ... so there

nah nah nah.. im not listening

Hayabusa 1174307d ago

I can't help's coming...I can't hold it oooo...

Maybe they couldn't afford the games after they brought the console!

Gah! Sorry...