Left4Dead 2 Dated for November 2009

Valve has released the specific release date for Left4Dead 2, coming to the Xbox 360.

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Multiplayer GOTY 2008 is Multiplayer Goty 2009.

Sounds good to me.

IrishRepublicanArmy4083d ago

but im pissed that ea give 360 mass efect and l4d2 with no versions for ps3!!
they should make 2 exclusives for ps3 as ps2 made them the company they are today!! two faced ***********

xwabbit4083d ago

Same here, first day purchase for PC

lordgodalming4083d ago

Maybe Valve are turning over a new leaf. Usually a new game from them takes ages.

ThanatosDMC4082d ago

Weird... there's still no official campaigns released on L4D and they're coming out with L4D2 all ready. Cant they just expand on it. It's Valve after all. Oh well, i guess i'll wait for more info.

They had better keep Louis (sp?). I spam his screaming on Steam.

ASSASSYN 36o4082d ago

Louis isn't in the next L4d. In fact none of the old characters are.

TheIneffableBob4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

ASSASSYN 36o, we don't know that yet. It's possible that the old characters may be able to be chosen in the lobby, or maybe they'll be playable in the new game mode. (Maybe the new game mode will be like 4 survivors versus 4 survivors in a race to see who can finish a map first).

And I hope Valve doesn't turn this into a yearly thing. They make great games because they spend a ton of time polishing them and then give them long term support. To do yearly installments isn't their thing.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

This looks fun and its on PC and Xbox, both MS platforms.

pippoppow4083d ago

MS does not get a cut of the games on PC like they do on the 360. So in other words If I buy L4D2 on the PC guess what MS doesn't see a dime from L4D2 sales. Bottom line is you do not have to support the 360 to play most of it's best games. Yeah but but you have to own an MS what. You fanboys always try to lump the PC and MS together just so you can now you the term "MS exclusive" which means nothing in reality. People who do not have a 360 but a PC and other systems can enjoy Mass Effect 2, L4d2, Splinter Cell, Alan Wake etc.

MattyF4083d ago

Sweet. Really soon. Almost too soon, though......

Rockox4083d ago

Yeah, wasn't expecting that. I'd better brush up on my zombie-killing skills before this comes out.

Glasscocked4083d ago

With the news that GoW3 slips to next year and that this comes out in the fall it's pretty much making you Sony fanboys look more foolish for condemning MS's offerings this year.

Pandamobile4083d ago

This isn't a Microsoft offering. This has nothing to do with Microsoft at all.

thewhoopimen4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

I don't think there is much of a lineup this year to talk about. Only one that would interest a ps3 user this year on the 360 side would be Splinter Cell Conviction. On the otherhand, Alan Wake next year is a good contender.

So no Mr. Balls, you can play with yourself later.

@Kevin below: Well L4D2 is going to probably be a map expansion more than a "true" sequel if you ask me.

Kevin McCallister4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

GOW3 never had a release date to slip from, but has been rumored to be a March 2010 release since it was first shown. As a 360 owner, the only games shown today that interest me are MGS and Left 4 Dead 2 which I'm getting on PC. From what my friend has told me about the Halo novels, Halo: Reach should be nice as well. When did Valve start releasing sequels so soon? It usually takes them 11 years to make one game.

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