Guitar Hero Devs Banned From Creating Music Games

Lawsuit places 12-month restriction on ex-RedOctane staff
Founders of Lodestone Entertainment, Corey Fong and John Tam, are forbidden to develop Guitar Hero-style games for the next 12 months.

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Sphinx4312d ago

That's messed up. I hate it when the law, or suits, stop people from doing what they love.

SETBAK4312d ago

That is not cool. What if Rock Band bites? I have to wait a year to play a new game by the original developers. So not cool.

GrooveChampion4312d ago

This is because Fong and Tam tried to screw over Activision. This has nothing to do with Rock Band or anything MTV has said or done. This is purely between Activision/Red Octane and Fong/Tam. It's in the article folks.

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