20Gb PS3 hitting UK early 2007?

e-tailer reckons we'll see it in January 2007, in spite of Sony's hints of 60Gb-only for UK

Amazon's UK arm is asserting that both the higher-spec 60Gb and lower spec 20Gb versions of PS3 will launch on these shores, grinding an unofficial boot into doubts that the less expensive of the PS3 packs wouldn't release in old Blighty.

According to reports, Sony labelled the e-tailer listing as pure speculation.

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THAMMER16178d ago

Did they say 2007. Man this is going to piss alot of you fan boys off. LOL

THAMMER16178d ago (Edited 6178d ago )

lololololololololololol We still may get it in the U.S. In nov. cross your fingers. Do not for get it is not a game console it is a PC so no big rush right LOLlolololol

Schmitty076178d ago

That only the lower model won't be available till Jan 2007