Nintendo Europe Says Mario Strikers: Charged Will Have Online Multiplayer Modes

One of the many modes this game features is the multiplayer mode which can see up to four players in any one game. Players can also utilise Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to take on players from across the globe! Multiplayer modes include Ranked mode where players can compete to climb up leaderboards and Unranked mode where they can quickly select and play friends.

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ITR5133d ago

Or will third party dev have an online game out before this?

BIadestarX5133d ago

Nintendo has a very special skill that makes people feel as they are lucky and fortunate that they are getting something even when they are entitled to. Take the DVD playback functionality. They are the only console not to support it. Soon they will release a wii with DVD playback and though it will cost them nothing people will go crazy and feel as if they need to get the new wii eventhough even a horse @ss has dvd playback. Same goes with this. Since so far the wii is useless when it comes to online multiplay. Online multiplay is a standard and it should be available anywhere it can. Not even 3rd party games are allowed to implement it. Ohh wait I get it Nintendo want people react this way, let me get with the program....
OHHHHHHH wow! ohhh ahhhhhh! I can't breath! Ohhh is that yellow fluids comming out of my pants! ohhh I am so excited! I can't handle my emotions. It has online multiplay. ohh wow! it's the best console ever... How can this be done!? it's a miracle.

Sorry Nintendo, but multiplayer should be a default not something that people should feel lucky for getting.

ItsDubC5133d ago

I agree that in this day and age, online multiplayer should be standard on a console. However, the reason this is news is because the Wii's online multiplayer functionality hasn't been fully fleshed out yet. A year from now, a game having online multiplayer capabilities on the Wii will not be as big of a deal as it is right now.

If the DVD-enabled Wii is released in the future, I think it'll just be a way to re-ignite Wii sales. I honestly don't believe anyone who already has a Wii will buy one. I think many ppl, including myself, couldn't care less if a console has a DVD player nowadays because I already have multiple DVD players (standalone, Xbox, computer). But console developers will include it for marketing purposes so consumers view it as another reason to buy the console even if they already own DVD players.

ITR5132d ago

Nintendo is paying a company to develop the Wii's DVD play-back software and that DVD video logo also costs money to license from it's patent holders. So it does cost them something.

Remember most folks don't use their consoles to play DVD's anymore...well at least I hope not.
Not with DVD players in the 20-40 buck range!

As for online play it'll happen in June and the games will come along with third party support.

PS360WII5133d ago (Edited 5133d ago )

I don't know. I can't say I agree with online multiplayer being the default of gaming. 360 still only has half the people online and a good chuck of them only have the silver. PS3 has a mill maybe more but again most are probably just shoping around.

While Multiplayer is nice it is in no way the end all be all of gaming right now. Which is why Nintendo is only coming at it with a slow crawl. Heck the DS which is still selling like mad and almost everyone has one. Has WiFi games and not even, 20% are online with it... so you see Online while nice is no where need the mass market appeal that will shift Nintendo's thoughts on it

ChickeyCantor5132d ago

it will be the first game online in EU.