fl0w Review

flOw doesn't follow the traditional path of a game; it's more of a chilled experience than an all-action, undersea battler. The combination of fluid, intuitive controls, freeform music and beautiful graphics makes this a very memorable experience.

70/100 Gameplay
Gameplay is simple with effective controls and very straight forward objective. Although the single player is short lived, the addition of multiplayer makes it more enjoyable.

90/100 Graphics
Very beautiful graphics with smooth animations and vibrant colors, the graphics are easily one of flOw's strongest points.

85/100 Sound
A very creative approach to sound, it works well most of the time, but there are occasions where it can seem awkward.

60/100 Value
Although its cheap fun, it only last a few a hours, multiplayer adds to the value though.

Overall: 80/100

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LSDARBY4313d ago

flOw is a great game, especially cus its only £3

neogeo4312d ago

A bit short, but lots of fun. My wife loves it. And you can't beat the price

fenderputty4312d ago

I play it. Not all the time but, it's nice to help kill time while downloading or doing whatever. The GF seems to think it's kinda cool too. Most of my friends also like playing the game. It's not something that's going to keep you coming back hour after hour but, it's definatly worth the price.

Antan4312d ago

For 3.49 its a steal!

PS360WII4312d ago

Perfect game to just zone out to

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The story is too old to be commented.