28nm wafer pictured

Fudzilla: We've managed to score a quite unique picture of 28nm wafer of Globalfoundries' test production of SRAM chips. The company also displayed 32nm Silicon on Insulator, a new process scheduled for 2010 that will be mainly used by AMD for its upcoming 32nm CPUs.

The company believes that 28nm is a very strategic node for Globalfoundries and potential customers for it are graphics and wireless people. You can imagine that Nvidia and ATI will be coming along with 28nm graphics chips.

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Capt CHAOS4298d ago

that you can't even eat.

Still.. Well done, great news for us all and it means cheaper and more powerful tech as time goes on!

Kakkoii4297d ago

Yeah it's awesome how close we are to actual nanoelectronics. The point where we cannot physically go any smaller with matter.

Also it awesome that GPU's are finally catching up with CPU's in fabrication sizes. Seems they will be surpassing AMD CPU next year even lol.