Early start for Microsoft conference - Is Tony Hawk Xbox 360 exclusivity reveal to blame?

Microsoft's E3-opening press conference has been brought forward by five tiny minutes tonight – and all the clues suggest that a Tony Hawk related announcement is the reason.

A recent tweet form extreme sports dude Tony Hawk himself yesterday read: "Just practiced my part for Microsoft's E3 keynote tomorrow (introducing #thride). First time I've ever had to wear make-up for a rehearsal."

The safe bet is on Mr.Hawk announcing that the upcoming Tony Hawk: Ride will be exclusive to Xbox 360. This information was leaked earlier in the month only for the ill-fated PR agency behind it to quickly go about retracting the statement.

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Forrest Gump5532d ago

After the last mediocre Tony Hawk games,do Xbox 360 owners care if this is exclusive to their platform or not?

hatchimatchi5532d ago


seriously, tony hawk has been on a downward spiral ever since 2 came out.

tony hawk ride looks absolutely horrible. Skate has a deathgrip on what skateboarding games should be, tony hawk games are completely irrelevant now.

If this to be true that tony hawk ride is exclusive to the 360, i predict broken ankles to be exclusive to the 360 all across america this fall/winter.

ps. thats me hating on the game, not the 360...

N4PS3G5532d ago (Edited 5532d ago )

You guys don't get it... its a freaking gimmick!

Just like the wii..its going to target the casual market ...if you want your console to grow ..you need this type of gimmicks to attract casual people.

If it wasn't for this things...Nintendo would be dead last right now

Open up those hardcore brains for a second. If this is actually exclusive..its a good move by them to reach this new Guitar hero/ Wii Sports generation of casual gamers.

Xistan5532d ago

is starting to look like the Nintendo conference with their cam and skateboard toys. this is not a good sign for hardcore gamers.

brace for impact.

Montrealien5532d ago

Live demo of the new tony hawk game at the MS press conference with tony himself, most definitely. Tony Hawk exclusive 360 reveal? Hell no, these speculation articles are laughable.

bushfan5532d ago

i don't want any tony hawk game anymore..so many hype for a tony hawk game...c mon i want Conker back!!!!

Rockstar5532d ago (Edited 5532d ago )

My guess is you've seen the last of Conker.

I loved that game as well. I thought it was brilliant.

Did it do well on the Xbox?
I don't think it did too well on the N64.

Correct me if I'm wrong because I too would love to see another Conker.

Godmars2905532d ago (Edited 5532d ago )

I don't see how its a casual gamer's "gimmick" if we're looking at a $120 for a skateboard controller/game.

Really can't see a company crazy enough to make a $120 controller/game exclusive.

Montrealien5532d ago

I must say Rockstar, I have the Live and reloaded Conker and every time I log on and search for a multiplayer game, I find one. It may have not been to successful, but having online game session 5 years after release speaks volumes imho.

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Marty83705532d ago

Skate is proving to be a better franchise. Tonk Hawks has ran it's course.

hatchimatchi5532d ago

i completely agree, i can play skate 1 & 2 literally for hours.

This past winter it was so cold out, i played skate 2 for 11 hours straight. I didn't mean to but the time flew by and before i knew it it was dark outside. Also, the amount of time i've put into that game and i still haven't seen the entire city.

ReBurn5532d ago

I hope that Tony Hawk exclusivity isn't what they'll be crowing about. Gosh how sad is that?

ShabzS5532d ago (Edited 5532d ago )

amount activision must have spent on r & d for the skate board peripheral i doubt they're gonna sell the game as an exclusive to either console ... besides does anyone really want this game period? skate is a much better game and u dont need a 120 $ fake board to play it

StanLee5532d ago

I agree with the first part. They certainly spent a lot of money on the board and it's technology. At $120, I don't even think they can recoup those cost even if the game is multiplatform. I think a lot of people are interested in the game and the peripheral. I am. I really want to see what can be done with the board and how well the controls translate.