The Eurogamer TV show - Episode 9

Ray Maguire and Neil Thompson go head-to-head as the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 war kicks off in Europe, and they delve into the dark and brutal world of The Darkness. It's Episode 9, hold on to your hats!

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PSN Starfleets4277d ago

Excellent interview.

It pretty much sums up that you'll need a HDTV to take advantage of the PS3, more so than the 360.

So save up kids! I've saved up £20 already since yesterday, woo hoo lol

DiLeCtioN4277d ago

is my birthday so ill get a hdtv when i recieve money from my gracious mum and dad

LSDARBY4277d ago

awsome interview, really detailed.

richie007bond4277d ago

Fook am still saving up for a ps3,(£425) ludicrous price, buying a hdtv is still a long long way off