Miyamoto Talks Nintendo's View On Network Play

Nintendo is interested in providing a high quality online, networked experience. But, it's just not the way we want have come to expect. It's different. Miyamoto explains:

"A lot of people have the misunderstanding that Nintendo is not interested in network gaming. What we are interested in isn't so much the idea of creating a game that is online and networked in a way that we have seen online up until now. We are really more interested in this idea of having the household television connected to the Internet constantly via the Wii. I think you are going to see a lot of new possibilities for new types of entertainment, such as new channels for the Wii in that type of network environment.
I think that will give rise to more social-based communities including those created by users, which is going to be a very interesting and exciting area for us to explore."

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Torch4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

It's actually fairly capable when you need to access the internet in a pinch, thanks to the pointable on-screen keyboard. I find it also comes in quite handy when you want to browse or search for something alongside others. It's always easier to sit on the cozy couch and read (and zoom in!) off of a 53" projection TV, than it is to huddle around a computer.

Just don't expect to access any PDF files or be able to play most online media clips.

As far as Miyamoto's stated intentions for online connectivity are concerned...well, if he means more content along the lines of "Every Votes", I'm honestly not interested in the least bit.

...And no, I DID purchased the Wii with the primary intention to play games, but it unfortunately didn't work out that way.

(Damn you, cursed PS3!...DAMN YOU!!!)

DiLeCtioN4275d ago

last time i turned on the wii was to update to every body votes channel since then i have been playing resistance
dbzboy0410 (ps3 gamer tag)

BIadestarX4275d ago

Yeah, yeah, Nintendo, we get it. You want to do it the cheapest and the way it can benefit you. No online multiplayer games except for the games that you want (1st party) in order to increase sells and probably for limited time (pull off when no more sells), and keep people "connected" ready to be able to purchase VC games. We know.. we know.