Latest release from Quantum Flux

A longstanding machine intelligence project, the Virtual Intelligence Matrix, has a new release, VI Wonder.

"VIWonder is the latest machine intelligence project from Quantum Flux. VIWonder works with language-based information, and it acquires this knowledge by searching the internet on its own. When running, two VI's carry on a conversation with each other, on subject of interest to them; or they will respond to your input, and talk about whatever you ask them to. VIWonder can be run as a stand alone program, or installed as a screen saver."


“Ninja Kidz: Through Time” is now digitally and physically available for PC and consoles

"Publisher SelectaPlay is thrilled to announce that "Ninja Kidz:Time Masters", the official action-adventure game created by YouTube stars Ninja Kidz TV, is out now in physical format in the US and Canada for Nintendo Switch as well as worldwide in digital stores for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC via Steam.

The digital release for Xbox consoles and physical PS5, and PS4 (US and Canada) will follow on 20th October." - SelectaPlay.


FSR 3 Runs Faster Than DLSS 3 in Immortals of Aveum but Stutters More

AMD FSR 3 is finally available for a direct comparison with DLSS 3 in Immortals of Aveum. It has better average FPS but stutters more.

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jznrpg2h ago

Stutter is not good - but it will be updated so there is that


Seven Nights Ghost: Full Walkthrough and Guide

Seven Nights Ghost has a unique premise and is not an out-an-out horror game. With the help of this walkthrough and guide, you will find solutions to all objectives and puzzles. We have also covered extensively about endings, including a guide to find all talismans to get the secret ending.

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