Super Paper Mario Tops Gamefly List

Nintendo Wii owners are queueing up Super Paper Mario in record numbers as it tops the Gamefly Top 10 list. Close behind in the number 2 position is TMNT for the Xbox 360, while PlayStation 3 owners have The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion at the top of their lists...

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested list:

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r10004268d ago

Hmmm.... I think I need to go and reserve this game.... I HAVEN'T TURNED ON MY WII IN OVER A MONTH... SINCE I BEAT ZELDA TWILIGHT PRINCESS...

PS360WII4268d ago

After Zelda I started playing Red Steel then some Rayman Rabbits, still will play Wii Sports whenever, also SSX is a pretty fun game, playing some Tiger Woods is fun too.. though frustrating because I need to fix my slice in a game now too ><, Sonic is a good single and multiplier game, started up the Godfather a little bit ago, along with Blazing Angels...

Yeah I know I play many games around the same time. Silly part is I'm not even listing off all of the games I play on the Wii.

But really all my multiple games are put on hold because for some reason I didn't buy Oblivion for the 360.. don't know why maybe just thought I didn't want it, but I just got it for the PS3 and that is what I'm doing if I'm at home right now... yup nothing else just Elder Scrolls ^^

Back on topic yeah I've always been a fan of Paper Mario (N64 best, but it was the first so you have to expect it to be) So me getting this is a definite ^^