Dante's Inferno Fact Sheet

EA's Dante's Inferno will take gamers to the western world's most definitive view of the afterlife as created in the 13th century by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri in part one of his epic classic, "The Divine Comedy." The game is shipping in 2010 for the PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 and the PSP.

EA's Dante's Inferno tells an adapted story that focuses on delivering a blockbuster 3rd person action game experience while bringing Alighieri's depiction of Hell to the medium. Players assume the role of Dante, who descends into Hell after returning home to find his beloved Beatrice murdered, with Lucifer seducing her soul into the underworld. Dante sets out on a rescue mission to save Beatrice, but he soon realizes he is also in Hell to face his own demons and ultimately to redeem himself.

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LoVeRSaMa3842d ago

Its a shame that I dont have much money at the moment, So I can only afford the AAA Exclusive titles =/

ThanatosDMC3842d ago

Hmmm... i read Divine Comedy or parts of it and im pretty sure he was a scaredy cat. Oh well, it'd be boring if you're just screaming and pissing your pants for the whole game. I guess, killing monsters is better.

Now where's my Devil Trigger? I bet they'll have something along like DT in this game.