Microsoft's E309 Press Conference Live Stream

Gamertag Radio are streaming the Microsoft Press Conference live today at 10:25AM PST from LA, California.

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militant074624d ago

how many minuets left ??

DreamcastFanboy4624d ago

Can someone please give me a link to ign's live stream? Or is it not up yet?

techie4624d ago

They got it wrong. It's PDT not PSt. It's in an hour.

tha_meat_beater4624d ago

"we will be announcing several xbox 360 exclusive multiplatform games"!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4624d ago

Yup multiplatfom on two of Microsofts platforms... the Xbox and PC :)

Montreafart4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

Hahaha another fiasco by MSs part.

Move along now folks. Nothing here to see. The 360 is failure.

EDIT: ROFL its not even an exclusive GAME, just the song "all you need is love" is exclusive for DLC.

ROFL failure.

Greysturm4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

Just watched 5 minutes of this channel and boy does it suck. The presenters sound like really bored robots. Although i cant blame them they are reviewing scene it, and i know its a xbox dedicated channel but they could at least compare it to buzz or something to make it more interesting. The only good thing they said its that its a good game to play with the wife.

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