PS3 Movie on MTV Anouncement

Everyone who have bought one of those White PS3 box'es to pre-order a PS3, had propably also registered on And to those who did that, should have recieved an email which says that an exclusive short-movie will be shown on MTV 23:40 tonight.

Translation from danish:


Keep an eye on MTV 23:40 tonight. They have got a new special PLAYSTATION3 shortfilm, which is shown exclusive on this channel.

You are one of the first to know, but please tell to it to your friends. It will be great!"

Remember that I recieved this in the country of Denmark, which is GMT +01:00.

Check the image for a proof if you want that.

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tomplast4275d ago

I have got a similar message but for another channel and for yesterday. I didn't stayed up to watch it but if nothing unplanned happend it was broadcasted on TV400 (in Sweden) yesterday at 23.50 GMT+1.