Splinter Cell banner seemingly reaffirms Xbox 360 exclusivity

The recent re-emergence of Sam Fisher from the shadows of ... uh, awkward stealth game metaphors has prompted several questions: Where has the gravelly voiced assassin been for the last few years? Is Ubisoft still toying with social stealth? And is the game still exclusive to the Xbox 360?

A partial answer to the last question may be evident in the large Splinter Cell: Conviction banner draped across the Los Angeles Convention Center. It's notable not only for the distinct lack of self-pitying scruff, but for being the only banner to prominently display only the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live logos. Of course, as Joystiq has learned in the time since the game was first announced, "exclusive" doesn't always mean what they think it means.

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really duh4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Spam we already know this.

" seemingly confirms"

The devs say again and again.

lord_of_balrogs4338d ago

Ubisoft isn't like other developers that create an exclusive game only to port the game over to another console but with a different name. Haze is a good example, here's a PS3 exclusive that the 360 never recieved. I believe that Conviction is a 360 exclusive based on past actions and that fact that Ubisoft is generally good to it's word.

TheBand1t4338d ago

Can't help but think that this is awful similar to MGS4 coming to 360 speculation.

Both are stealth games, both have developers denying that their game is being ported to the rival system, and both have rabid fanboys clamoring to trash it/defend it

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really duh4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

So you agree with me then? its not coming to PS3 I agree. I always hated that MGS4 360 rumor and almost as much as I hate PS3 fans using it as an excuse or to justify any rumors running around. The *see now you know how we feel* MGS4 360 rumor sh*t has to go.

I do think there will be a Metal Gear game on the 360 Kojima said he was interested some time in the past.

EDIT @Lou-Cipher

I think people are talking about the console market I don't game on Windows so I don't care. I read a long time ago MS design the 360 with PC in mind so they could release titles on both of their platforms after all MS is a huge player in the PC industry lol.

TheBand1t4338d ago

If the 'Box gets a Metal Gear I don't think I would care, really. MGS4 left me satisfied.

Lou-Cipher4338d ago

But hasn't this game been confirmed for the 360 AND PC?

Bnet3434338d ago

Yes it has, but since it's the console wars (PC not included), if it's not on the other console, it's exclusive. Not me who made the rules, it's just how the industry goes by. Microsoft would say that it's exclusive to them. Don't really care though, Splinter Cell with M + KB is just weird and if I wanted to use a PC controller, might as well get it for 360.

phosphor1124338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

A few things lead me to believe that, and just to say this now, its not because I'm a "fanboy in denial" or what ever.

It's that Microsoft has said "exclusive" before, when all it was is timed exclusive. EVERYONE thought that PS3 users were getting shafted.

Secondly, Ubisoft loves money, not to mention they have yet to make a Tom Clancy game exclusive to one console. They even made the SC games for PS2 and Xbox regardless of the hardware differences.

It might not run as well or have an install, but none the less, its not hard to port one game to another, but Ubisoft is also very talented so porting wouldn't take much effort, even with a "custom" engine. Once the engine is built, all the AI is in place, you really just need to work on the workload balance for the architecture to be ported.

I just don't see this as anything more than a timed exclusive.

phosphor1124338d ago

I agree/disagree with you. MGS4 and Splinter Cell are on different leagues. MGS has been a great story experience and gameplay evolution, while SC has taken stealth and refined it to something very concise and complex. I love both series though, and as a PS3 gamer (I have access to my brothers 360 though) I would like it to also come to the PS3, I have played every Tom Clancy game except for Hawx and End War.

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Party Boy4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

I'll take the wait and see approach with Splinter Cell. Time and time again I've been burned by these so called third-party 360 exclusives.

really duh4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

They were going to make it for PS3 before they started and dropped the PS3 version most likely for a number of reasons.

This forced timed exclusive *comforting* excuse makes me sick and has no more credibility then assuming every 3rd party PS3 game will make it to the 360.

Columbo always posts news with mixed and double meanings he reminds me of HHG.

All Time Greatness4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

It won't be on PS3. You can tell yourself all day it will, and nobody can do what you like. But I'll be playing this on day one, in my Xbox 360 :)

really duh4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Tekken 6

LOL you compare DLC for a game already developed on the PS3 *with* a retail game built from the ground up for 360's hardware and with a customized engine.

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really duh4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Great list! now take it somewhere else no one here cares dude.

This news post is desperate on a epic scale. I can't believe somebody would take known facts and create speculative crybaby assumptions masked as news.

Magna Farta4338d ago

All right, kiddos, that's enough flaming and d!ck-waving for one thread.

All Time Greatness4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Microsoft is fine. Please go worry about Sony, no need to worry about Xbox 360.

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The Master Chief4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

This was announced for PC?? I've only noticed Xbox 360.(and if it does come to PC, who cares besides some nerd with no real life)

Oh well.. enjoy the imaginary PC version. I'll be on 360.

butterfinger4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

There are clearly many scared fanboys in here.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4338d ago

PC version of Splinter Cell would be great, then Microsoft could have it on 2 of its platforms... Xbox and Windows :)

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2FootYard4338d ago

I'm guessing its going to be multi-platform eventually.

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SaberEdge4338d ago

Who cares if it is on PC, most gamers today are console gamers and could care less about PC gaming. PC gaming is a fraction the size of console gaming. I have a PS3 and a 360 and if it doesn't come out for either of those systems I won't be playing it.

I know it is a convenient excuse for people who only own a PS3 to pretend that they all have gaming PCs, but it's abundantly obvious most of them are full of it. In either case, you're still playing on a Microsoft platform.

FantasyStar4338d ago

Well I don't care. If you want the game, get the system that it's on. It's far less stresful that way. And hey! You're stimulating our economy slowly but surely. So spend!

frictionini4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )


nuff said. Oh wait 3 is not a letter, but whatever. MGS dood, MGS

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