Nomura talks Kingdom Hearts sequel

With Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + Re: Chain of Memories at last out in Japan, Tetsuya Nomura and crew can now devote all their energy to their next project. And that appears to be another Kingdom Hearts game, or at least another tie-up with Disney. But is it Kingdom Hearts III?

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Sevir044307d ago

well so this is a new series in the kingdom hearts universe well this is awesome, a break away from the normal, this one seems more gritty and much more dark than the past 2. which means that the goofy enemies i hope wont be such an occurance, maybe something new and fresh, So it's a Game that's in The KH universe but is it's own series. well this means that Kingdom hearts 3 the true sequel to kingdom hearts 2 wont be till after this title comes out. i wonder what system this new series of kingdom hearts will be for.

Robert223884307d ago

This will probably play the same roll Chain of Memories did for KH2. It's the "in between" game. I have a feeling this will be a Wii title. That or a DS, but im gonna go with Wii for the time being.

Sorry guys (actually, not really) , I don't see Xbox anywhere near Kingdom Hearts in the future.

swordmasterphoen4307d ago

Nomura has said that the Kingdom Hearts Team will be the one to develop Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PS3, which means that they probably won't be working on a new project besides Versus in the near future. Either way, Nomura also said that the next Kingdom Hearts won't be numbered and that will probably not be a direct sequel (mainly because Sora and Riku may not appear on it).

This could also mean that the team behind it won't be the KH team, so he won't continue the main story just yet.