PS3 Home To See Grouper Integration

Grouper enables its members to watch, share and create video on the Web, desktop and connected devices and continues to be the leading innovator in the user-generated video space. Members can browse videos on and post them to a wide variety of third party Web sites directly from Grouper. With one-click, members can add video to their personal pages on MySpace, Facebook, Y!360, Friendster, Blogger, and any other video webpage.

Killzone Unit communicated with Dave Karraker, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications of Sony Computer Entertainment America. When asked about the integration of Grouper to the PlayStation Underground and the PlayStation 3, he mentioned it could be implemented as soon as the launch of HOME.

Dave Karraker: "We haven't announced any changes to the PlayStation Network or PlayStation Store beyond what we have delivered in the latest Firmware 1.6 update. Grouper integration will most likely first be seen with the launch of Home."

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mobe104274d ago

what is the releasing date of home on ps3 i know its on april but i need the date i cant wait :(