Epic all set for the big announcement at E3 Microsoft's press conference

Epic Games just posted on their Twitter site that they will be at the Microsoft's E3 press conference to announce something big. What could it be? Gears of War 3 maybe?

Spike475110d ago

I'm really starting to hate that thing.

Bnet3435110d ago

You and me both. It caught on to sports as well. Everyone at ESPN keeps talking about twittering it's annoying as phuck.

Anyway, I can't predict what they will be announcing really. Too early for Gears 3 if you ask me. Maybe Unreal Championship 3? That was a gem on Xbox 1. Does anyone remember it?

Awesome Possum5110d ago

This twitter thing is getting out of hand.

5110d ago
really duh5110d ago

If you insist on trolling 360 news for the next week please go to the open zone.

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Traveler5110d ago

I kept telling people not to underestimate Microsoft. I think they are going to have a great event.
I don't think people should underestimate Sony either. This E3 is going to be awesome. So exciting.

De La Chance5110d ago (Edited 5110d ago )

oops wrong reply

edit : lol I wonder who agreed with me.

IdleLeeSiuLung5110d ago

This is actually the most exciting E3 in a long time for me....

SuperM5110d ago

Or maybe Epic is just there to announce a multiplat game. You never know with Microsoft. But then again MS needs third party exclusives to stay in the battle vs sony. They might have dumped alot of cash on them as usual. Regardless, im excited to see what they will show.

king dong35110d ago

just an announcement to say that gears is going to stay exclusive to microsoft. or that they have begun working on gears3 for the next xbox using the unreal4 engine, which will be a launch game or withing the launch window.

if they are going to release gears3 this gen, then i think that the gears story will go back 10-15 years for all the gears games that are going to come next gen.

personally, i think it's a combination of all the above, 1, gears is going to stay exclusive, 2, gears3 could come this gen 3, epic have already started on the next-gen gears for the next-gen xbox.

or, just like one of the resident sony fanboys on here has been claiming for ages(yes i'm talking about you MORGANFAIL), they are going to announce gears2 for the ps3 lololol.

SL1M DADDY5110d ago (Edited 5110d ago )

Maybe it's something big for Epic like the unvieling of a new engine?

gaffyh5110d ago

Gears of War 2 DLC/spin off like Halo ODST

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Smacktard5110d ago

So... it was a 2.5D game that glitched-out half-way through the presentation? Why do people keep showing this unfinished products?

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De La Chance5110d ago

Oh my!!

I just wished in another thread a minute ago that EPIC announce something new for the 360 and then this pops up...

I think I must just make one more wish...:D

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Megatron085110d ago

I doubt it be GoW3 as they are about to release the dark corners expansion for GoW2. But with this and MS moving their press conference up maybe there is a new epic IP in the work

lowcarb5110d ago

And if I were you I would wish it did end up multiplatform so that I wouldn't miss out on this entire gen due to blind idiotic fanboyism.

-MD-5110d ago

Quick wish Perfect Dark 2 gets announced.

5110d ago
-MD-5110d ago

That seems to quickly becoming the new Sony Defense Force weapon "I play 360 games on PC" I've seen like 30 people say that today.

5110d ago
raztad5110d ago (Edited 5110d ago )

Good luck to all of you guys. Every gamer should get good news from E3 regardless the platform. Sure EPIC will bring something to look forward.

Hockey115110d ago

So is the xbox 360 games forum considering no games worth buying have come out this year so far for the xbox 360.

lowcarb5110d ago

We've been the route before, and have already heard there lies about getting 360 games for pc. I guess he thinks that somebody is actually falling for his crap. Get a life xztence seriously and enjoy the show tomorrow.

5110d ago
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ebel30035110d ago

I'm going to hedge a guess and say it will be related to downloadable content for Gears 2.

Bnet3435110d ago

it says big announcement. I mean if DLC is a big announcement, they fail. I can see how GTA IV DLC is big, but not this.

XDF5110d ago

Why would they announce DLC at E3? This is EPIC and it said big announcement. I think it is a new game using an updated version of Unreal Engine 3. This just keep getting better and better.

Freak of Nature5110d ago (Edited 5110d ago )

The DLC is already widly known,as it's release date in late July.

This is EPIC,and it states.... "Epic all set for the big announcement at E3 Microsoft's press conference"...This is actually a megaton in my book....

Some new EPIC IP to go along with a new HALO announcement added to the ODST game,WOW....

Now give me that furball Conker Rare....