PS3 Complexity Could Hinder Yields

Analyst P.J. McNealy of American Technology Research told a select group of marketers at an MI6 luncheon that the PlayStation 3's complexity could act as a significant hurdle in the early phases of console production.

He continued, "While Sony has certain manufacturing advantages at the end of the day, this is a very complex process, and they're going to be limited to the yields that they can come up with."

"We've learned the Sony Playstation 3 is not just a game console. It's a movie platform. It's also a super-computer," McNealy said, referring to Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi's recent revelations. "This is now the most complex box that's ever been built in this industry. It's going to have a Cell processor, it's going to have a Blu-ray drive. The number of pieces that are going into this box are even more astounding [than the over 1700 parts used in the Xbox 360]."

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bernie6181d ago

This is just another way of saying "guess what, there's only going to be one per store, don't bother"

THELANDSOFSAND6181d ago (Edited 6181d ago )

"Sony, we don’t think, is going to be in assembly for another four to six weeks--end of July, early August"

um, that seems a little late... they haven't even started producing the PS3 retail version yet?!

so low yields and no ability for fast cost reduction?

great plans sony!

YoJ1Mbo6180d ago

Sony's optimistic (whats new?) but no one else is. I really hope this turns out like the 360 release b/c I'm tired of reading how Sony is king, they have weaknesses like everyone else. I think I'll wait till next year for the ps3, maybe walk into a store on Oct. 30th and buy a Wii.

96impala6179d ago

It's my personel opinion that sony should go on and just push back the release date til' 07 or even 08 if need be. How much would it suck that they put it out in a rush at six hundred bucks a pop only to have everyone returning them. If i was a sony fan, i'd definitely wait. The launch systems will be extremly buggy.

Cyclonus6179d ago

If they get ps3 out THAT late, don't even bother, cuz its over