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Ghoul4254d ago

looks like a load full of fun.

great style too.

-MD-4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

I love the art style it looks awesome I can't wait to play this.

Edit: I basically emphasized what the guy above me said yet I get a disagree and he doesn't lol.

DelbertGrady4254d ago

You have Rare in your avatar and he doesn't. This is PS34G.

aldesko4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

No, Murderdolls trolls PS3 articles and Ghoul doesn't. If PS3 fanboys bother you so much, stay out of the PS3 section.

-MD-4254d ago

This was in the 360 section too FYI.

Thoreau4254d ago

up with your avatar.....i am sure you are not spanish nor catholic, so?????????? why the KKK outfit? oh you think you are funny. maybe you should look up the kkk outfit history. how the white stands for purity and atonement and was not worn by weakling men but devoted christian and the KKK started using it to hide their inferiority. is that what you are doing???? hiding?

DelbertGrady4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

Maybe you should look up 'sense of humour' on the internetz. In the meantime I'll go look up 'give me a f'in break'.

The KKK and Christianity, not surprised they are related to each other.

aldesko4254d ago

I've got my eye on this one... it's shaping up nicely.

dantheman15154254d ago

Trailor=waste of 30 seconds.