Super Paper Mario Impresses Kotaku

Having just played through the first chapter of the game, Brian from, reveals his positive impressions of the game.

He says that when it ships next week, it will probably be the best game to hit the Wii so far and is impressed how Nintendo can keep turning what is essentially a side-scrolling platformer into something so fun and unique every time.

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Shadow Flare4272d ago

how...many...freakin...mario.. .games...are...there

ItsDubC4272d ago

By "Mario game", do u mean specifically Mario platforming adventure games or just games w/ Mario in them? Just because the character Mario is common to a variety of games doesn't mean that they're all the same old Mario game. Super Mario Strikers, Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. all have Mario in them but are completely different kinds of games. I can understand if ur sick of seeing Mario himself as a character.

But even the Mario platforming adventure games have evolved and brought new things to the table while still staying true to the genre, so they're not necessarily the same old Mario game. I mean, I don't see many ppl saying, "how... many... freakin... final fantasy... games... are... there." The series generally sticks w/ the tried-and-true elements that made it popular in the first place but also brings some new features in each release in much the same way the Mario platforming games have.

r10004271d ago

WHOA.... this looks great... I've never played a "paper" mario game... but that video got me really excited.... I love the side scrolling aspect...