Next Gears Of War Update Free

What's been going on with the next Gears of War update from Microsoft and Epic Games? Rumblings on 1UP Yours have suggested some turmoil behind-the-scenes, but the Epic VP Mark Rein's confirmed to the official message boards their upcoming update has entered Microsoft certification and should be available soon -- for free.

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Diselage4270d ago

This will for sure bring me back to the game after a month hiatus. I'm hoping theres more with the update other than just the new multiplayer mode but I guess beggers can't be picky.

Covenant4270d ago

Also a VGA fix, which is good. I'm not using it, but one of my friends is. He'll be happy.

Hopefully, Annex--and other maps like it--help end the tendency towards "trench warfare" that too many Gears matches end up as.

dantesparda4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

What is the VGA problem? Im not really sure what it is. Something about the guys looking squashed (or something like that) or that after the "supposed" first fix i guess it was running at the wrong res? I dont really know wht the problem is and am curious to be clear on it. All i know is that, i run my 360 through VGA and at 720p and the guys look the right size to me (not squashed) and my monitor claims its running at the right res, so im not quite sure what the problem is. Now if we wanna talk about a problem on the 360, how bout getting rid of all the screen tearing that goes on, on the vast majority of the games. Or the lack of real "trilinear filtering" on the vast majority of games

Bill Nye4270d ago

It's a fix for those who use 1280x1024 monitors. The fix will allow them to play in 720p widescreen for a pixel to pixel display instead of a lower 5:4 resolution.

soccerstar4270d ago

what is the objective in the new game mode?

Bill Nye4270d ago

Duh. Something would be terribly wrong if they started charging for bug fixes.

Maddens Raiders4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

7 comments at almost 600 degrees is saying something. *(2 hours ^)

Uh, yeah charging for this would be incredibly ignorant oh - and the Annex map ain't bad either.

BOOSTIN4270d ago

annex is a new game mode. They havent said anything about any new maps.

power of Green 4270d ago

His post was not meant to give this game and MS kudos the proof is in his ignorance of the thread, the point was to have an excuse to take a jab at the game/dev/MS.

TheMART4270d ago


Sometimes it's enough to read the article and there is no reason to post a comment.

Besides maybe Great it's free. But after a few that's said also.
On the other hand, it's great to post when Sony fanboys are crying about the stupidity they just did by buying a PS3

The update is free and yes, Gears has many fans. Selling over 4 million a couple of weeks ago on a total installed userbase of about 11 million 360 users, that's huge dude.

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The story is too old to be commented.