Microsoft Wins Big at Marketing Awards

At the MI6 game marketing conference's inaugural Senet-Muse Awards, marketing peers voted the most game marketing honors to Microsoft.

Twenty-five companies earned statuettes, with Microsoft walking away with 15 total, mostly for its marketing efforts related to the Xbox 360.

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SF Legend6454d ago

"The name's Gates, Bill Gates."

TheMART6454d ago

So where is the PSZero now. They really don't know how to market a product right stupid barbie Ken g@y*ss

Marriot VP6454d ago

another big notch in MS's belt

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Definitely don’t start your Final Fantasy VII experience with Rebirth

Start at the beginning.

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Inverno6h ago

Well that's how it should be, but too many now buy sequels rather than starting at the beginning. That's why more sequels now have no mention of the previous game.

SDuck5h ago

I already used to do that back in the day. Bought both God of War 2 and FFXIII-2 without knowing anything about their prequels

jeromeface5h ago

Too many people need to be told this anymore... it really blows my mind.

GoodGuy094h ago

Square didn't name it Remake 2 to maximize sales anyways lol

jznrpg4h ago

Yes play the first game it’s really good

SegaSaturn6693h ago

The first game was so bad i couldn't finish it. Endless fetching, nonsense additions, etc. Cool visualization of Midgar, but it's all filler.

Snookies122h ago

"Endless fetching" - Don't do the side quests then, they do kind of suck.
"nonsense additions" - Most of the additions are actually very welcome to some parts that NEEDED fleshing out.
"it's all filler" - That isn't even the least bit true...

There were some lacking moments in Remake, and some odd choices at times I'll give you that. Trying to say the game was "bad" though is very far off the mark. It's a fantastic game.

RonnySins46m ago

Bad my a**. As for the fetching quests, don't do them. Simple.

NukeDaHippies0m ago

absolutely true. i coulda still accepted the less desirable stuff if the story didn't shit the bed in the last hour

Rebel_Scum3h ago

Yeah hard disagree on this. If you skip remake you wont miss out on anything. The story truly kicks off when you leave Midgar.

Snookies122h ago

The heck do you mean? You will miss out on EVERYTHING if you skipped Remake, lol. Who the hell goes into a story driven series without playing the first part of it? There's absolutely no point in jumping on mid-way through something like that. You'd have no context for any characters or their relationships, nor their goals or plot of the series as a whole.

Rebel_Scum29m ago

Just watch the story catch up video in Rebirth. Remake just wasnt a good game.

To anyone new to FFVII I’d suggest the play the original then rebirth.

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Study Suggest Kids Experience Social Pressure To Buy In-Game Items

A recent study suggests that children in Norway experience increased social pressure to purchase in-game items.

got_dam13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

As a late 30s gamer, I wish the hobby still had some of the simplicy it used to. When I was growing up we had school yard conversations to compare notes for secrets in zelda and pokemon. Those were the days hahaha. Always that kid that swears they got mew under the truck. Then everyone else would spend weeks trying to do it. No microtransactions or live service bullshit.

Christopher13h ago

No Shit Sherlock. Almost anyone with a kid playing an online game knows their desire to be included and have everything that others have. Especially in this age of kids socializing less in person and mostly online outside of school (and, oftentimes, even in school).

anast10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Someone actually spent time on researching this...but then again research means you found something but don't have to act on it, so It's a win-win for both sides.

Chocoburger6h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Companies have been planning this since the HD era started. Grooming younger gamers into being complacent towards micro-trash-actions, they know many older gamers will complain and avoid them, because we have willpower and the knowledge that these are bad business practices.

But as the years go on, all that will be left are the gamers who grew up in the HD era, comfortable and not bothered by micro-trash-actions because its all they've ever known.

Every generation continues to be worse than the previous one. What a shame.

Knightofelemia2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

I am friends with one guy his nephew borrowed mom's credit card and charged $300 to it for Fortnite. If I did that my dad would whoop my ass until it was black and blue. DLC I can understand but social pressure to buy in game items. No one says you need to have that gun skin or that different costume. When I was a kid only pressure I felt was going through a week of school. Just to end the weekend on a happy note renting a game over the weekend. Only other pressure was talking with friends to see if they finished the game before you or learned a new cheat code. Kids honestly are to coddled in todays world. If you're so social pressured to buy in game items then your parents really need to learn the word no. Kids don't know how to be kids iphone keeps them entertained, ipads teaches them courses in some schools. And parents can't be parents with out having the cops called on them for taking the Xbox away because the kid got in shit. But the world has changed since I was a kid. I could go to the play ground and not worry about the perv with a camera. There needs to be rules and boundaries when it comes to kids and gaming. I am all for having fun. Kids need real social skills with real life interactions not with a friend that is three countries away that they will never meet.