Which developer is going to rock the Wii at this year's E3?

NE writes: "Amidst the hundreds upon thousands of E3 articles on the web, it is difficult to find one that isn't a list of various predictions for one system or another. As entertaining as these articles may be to read, the lack of variety among them can be altogether discouraging when scouring the internet for something new and interesting to read. Because of that, I felt it necessary to detail not just the blockbuster games, the company announcements and the new peripherals: I felt that discovering what system wins E3, or what game will conquer the others, while it is important, does not come near the prize of what developer will take the cake for backing any of Nintendo's consoles..."

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eelnats20003486d ago


The wii has barely any developer support.
HAHA jk.

But seriously though, whatever games they come up with, i hope it makes me feel like playing the wii again.

N4g_null3485d ago

The casual games are coming just the way FMV games kept coming. So it's up to you a hardcore gamer to ignore what is not for you and pay attention to the jems buried with in the list.

Also their is never a winner.... at E3 unless you want to see the gamers as winners.

knox3486d ago

high voltage will be the best developer for nintendo at e3.

ChickeyCantor3486d ago

The one who tickles my fancy.
AAAAAh such twat-words.

Seriously i don't care who the media claims to be the best @ E3, still op to your own personal opinion =).

ChickeyCantor3485d ago

I should have known better, people are sheeps of the media.

BLuKhaos3485d ago

"I should have known better, people are sheeps of the media"
So true!, those poor xboxers.

ChickeyCantor3485d ago

You are pretty hateful towards HVS aren't you.

bigjclassic3485d ago

Besides Nintendo 1st party games this year *Zelda/Mario*
HVS wins hands down. Really looking forward to Gladiator A.D., and the Conduit. NMH2, Muramasa, RE Darkside Chronicles, Dead Space Extraction, Red Steel 2 and Monster Hunter 3 are others that look great too.

FragMnTagM3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

But for me, YAAAAAAAWWWNN. I still want a realistic weapon based 3D fighter. Or maybe, just maybe, we might get a good lightsaber game with motion plus. If any one of those two things happen, I will dust off my Wii.

Edit: I could not stand the new Mario, Zelda, or Metroid games. They are just missing something this generation. I can go back and play any Mario game up to Mario 64, and have a blast doing it. The new ones to me just don't have the appeal of the old. I can still play Ocarina of time and the older Metroid games (before the Gamecube versions) and have fun, but when I played the new ones I lost interest real fast.

N4g_null3485d ago

FragMnTagM can you really say you can play mario64 and not play SMG? SMG is the mario 3 of mario games right now in 3d.

You seem to be a 2d man hey I got no problem with that and 15 million players also love new super mario bros. I don't care what score SMG got it is not beating SM3 right now. I'm hoping for a SM4 game. A 2d metroid would be sweet also. Hell a 2d zelda would be awesome also!

On topic though it will be a hard one to call because I'm really liking red steel2 right now along with NMH2 and what ever vanillaware has in store for their next game.