1UP: Brutal Legend Hands-On Preview

1UP writes: "I'm finally playing the beginning portion that I first saw back around GDC, and getting the hang of things. Hit A (for now, I'm checking out the Xbox 360 version) for main character Eddie Rigg's basic attacks with his trusty axe, The Separator -- these include basic swings and more powerful overhead blows. The ways you press X control Eddie's guitar, Clementine, in different ways; tapping it conjures lightning to zap your target, while holding it down activates pyro (big explosions that juggle your opponent in the air). B is for blocking and defense, while pressing Y results in a combination attack that requires another character or unit type. The controls are responsive, and the basic combo system of tapping buttons in sequences works well. It's then I realize what feels "off" for me: there's no jump button"

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