New Study: DRM Incites Piracy

The general consensus among consumers is that DRM sucks, and the often draconian measures used to prevent copyright infringement do very little, if anything, to prevent software piracy. The argument is that DRM only shackles the honest consumer, while pirates figure ways around the copyright schemes regardless. But could DRM also be giving otherwise law-abiding citizens cause to cross the legal line?

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Smacktard3487d ago

Well, I bought Might and Magic for the PC. Legit, straight from the store. When I installed it, I got a bunch of DRM crap that made it impossible for me to play the game. So you know what I had to do? I had to download an unauthorized crack for the game that would let me get it to work. Makes me wish I had just torrented the game. After that incident I vowed never to buy DRM again.

LastDance3487d ago

how, exactly did it stop you from playing the game?

Proxy3487d ago

Pirates will be pirates; DRM wont stop them. The ONLY thing DRM does it turn away legitimate customers.

As one man told Ubisoft, "You keep your game (and DRM), I'll keep my money, and we'll see who the loser is at the end of the day." This is how the legitimate customers feel, myself included.

Pixel_Addict3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

After a few years without playing Half-life 2, I dusted off my copy any tried to play, but I had forgotten my Steam account info and since you can't create another account for the same game YOU bought, it can't be played. After several attempts to retain my info, I gave up and just asked my friend to download a 'crack' for my HL2. Not to mention all of the games I had lost my CD-key to.

I've just gotten so sick of games not running because the DRM conflicts with my DVDr drive etc... so I just borrow pirated copies from friends. I don't care, they go through so much trouble to protect themselves and just charge us honest customers 50+ and then inconvenience us for our trouble.

Kakkoii3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Yeah, It's silly how much money developers are wasting on DRM, when statistics show DRM fails 100% of the time haha. That's money that could have gone into more advertising, thus leading to more sales. Or towards polishing a game more. Rockstar spent, what, $200,000 on DRM for GTA IV? That's a good amount of moola lol.

Pandamobile3487d ago

The only good DRM is Steam.

If more devs realized how much Steam halts piracy, they'd be stupid not to jump on board.
(I mean have it run off of Steam, not as an alternate the way Valve does for their own games, even if it's retail)

Sure there are cracked versions of Steam but it doesn't compare to the way other stuff is pirated.

TheBand1t3487d ago

Steam is indeed great. Though admittedly I always buy a hard copy of a game at a store if I have the option.

ballsofsteel3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

there will always be piracy plain and simple why waste money on finding way around it and just except it seriously companies will sell out millions and new tech to stop piracy but in a matter of weeks they will be prey to the many hackers to find ways around it. it is inevitable. unless Onlive becomes standard the the only way of playing said game piracy will exist. and even i have my doubts about that

AuToFiRE3487d ago

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