TPG News: The PSP Go is real, along with new Metal Gear and Gran Turismo

TPG writes: "Keeping a secret in the gaming industry is a lost art - you want to keep something juicy under wraps, you better have bombs implanted in your employees's skulls - the ultimate NDA. Sony does not have a "boom goes the dynamite" policy apparently, as word has leaked out just before their E3 press conference that the PSP Go is real and it's fantastic."

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wondroushippo3486d ago

Now nothing cool will ever be leaked in Qore ever again after this. Oh well?

CrAppleton3486d ago

This is pretty cool.. but in all reality.. who cares if they never do it again.. this wasn't THAT big of news

PS3 FanBaby3486d ago

Remember those old (crappy) PS3 commercials with the Saliva song that went "Like nothing you've ever seen before"? Those were right on the mark! No one's ever seen this much flop from a company LOLOL!

Myst3486d ago

Well I always thought this was a good commercial. It pumped me up to by a Playstation 3 and it probably did the same for others. So I wouldn't say it was crappy if it did it's job first time through, Seriously though I'd like to see this type of commercial again with the new games coming out. I'm sure the fans would like to see some God of War stuff in it.

menoyou3486d ago

This leaked a long time ago. Why make an article about an article that revealed the leak? Pointless. Marked as duplicate.

IdleLeeSiuLung3486d ago

That commercial is in my opinion one of the best executed, but the idea is kind of obvious.

I really enjoyed the commercial when it came out and that is the only one I remember.

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roblef3486d ago

I dunno. I can't tell if this is an UPGRADE from the 3000, or a downgrade. Looks kinda flimsy.

supercharger51503486d ago

Really, do you think? I've been thinking about getting one. Maybe not this one? Maybe this one coming out will make the others cheaper.

wondroushippo3486d ago

I have a slider phone (LG Shine), so I'm not too worried about it. Usually when these kinds of things seem flimsy, it's just idle speculation.

Unless of course it is actually flimsy. Then you can call me out on that. Boyee.

supercharger51503486d ago

I've never had a handheld from anyone but Nintendo (except iPhone). Patapon kinda makes me want to change that. So maybe once this comes out the 3000 and such would get cheaper? I want the purple one!!

Neco5123486d ago

Yeah, I'd have to say the PSP is the coolest handheld I've played

keysy4203486d ago

gt is going to connect to the ps3 gt i bet. and not a bad leak the system will still blow us away and the only thing is is the release date. big year for sony

keysy4203486d ago

if you get this system how could you not own a ps3

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