AnalogHype Review: UFC 2009 Undisputed

UFC 98 has come and gone. A little while before that, THQ released the much anticipated UFC 2009 Undisputed for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. This Undisputed is not the first MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) based game or even the first UFC game. Unfortunately, past games either did not stand the test of time, or were just completely horrible. Regardless, THQ decided to take the franchise in a whole new direction by aiming for authenticity. Their goal was to capture the deep strategy and continuous spontaneity that is true MMA fighting. Did they succeed? Read on to find out.

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Ziriux3489d ago

Great game, the score sounds about right.

Hated Greatness3488d ago

...for sharing this review with the N4G community

WorseCase3488d ago

I got it for both systems =)

1ben23488d ago

for a very good game...

I was pleasantly surprised with this really recreates the sport well, and even non-UFC gamers could enjoy it, however being a UFC fan helps ton enjoying this even more...

They just need to fix the little offline/online glitches and the game will be even more amazing.

man would i love it even more if we could have a 10 year season (or more!!!) so i could take my time to build my character...

ok enough, gotta go back inflict more pain ;P

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