Does game quality translate into better financial performance

See the correlation between Metacritic scores and earnings at the big companies.

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GWAVE3480d ago

I would have to say "No".

Advertising and branding are the #1 factors that results in financial performance.

Case in point: Halo 3. Sub-par graphics (yes, compared to other 360 games at the time, the graphics were sub-par), sub-par gameplay enhancements, and a sub-par conclusion to what was -- in my opinion -- a storyline that started off fantastically in Halo: Combat Evolved but quickly sped downhill as the series progressed.

WildArmed3480d ago

Man, you sure have more guts then me to be hitting the best franchise of MS.
Here's a free bubble ^^
But i do agree on one thing.
Marketing is THE factor of sales.

GWAVE3480d ago

Halo is NOT Microsoft's best franchise by a long shot. Their most popular? Sure, but not their best. Fable, Forza, Age of Empires, Flight Sim, and Rise of Nations are just a few of their products that are superior to Halo 3.

WildArmed3480d ago

Point taken.
I mistook popular for best.
Fable is the game that i love the most from MS. stil play the PC version once in awhile n go back 2 Fable 2 sometimes.

ShabzS3479d ago

umm ... they're talking about games that get a good review on meta critic and sell badly ... like mad world ... it got 82 at metacritic and 9.2 by fans but only managed to sell 70,000 units which is considered a bomb....

ur talking about halo 3 which got a 94 rating on meta critic and it also managed to sell pretty well... halo 3's quality is just YOUR opinion ... but the avg at meta critic suggests that it got great reviews all around which shows that its was commercially and critically well recieved. in the end its just boils down to... did it live up to ur expectations that you had hoped it would...

user score for halo 3 over at meta critic is a 7.2 and so clearly some were let down by it just like you ...

edgeofblade3479d ago

See, here is the problem with critics. People predisposed to hate on a game, aside from not having the presence of mind to objectively look at a game in the first place, will claim a game with good ratings is over rated. Likewise, a game the critic was looking forward to and would tend to like, regardless, will ignore the low scores and promote it as a under-rated masterpiece.

No, Metacritic isn't an accurate measure of quality. I have plenty of low scoring games I love and high scoring games I hate. But sales is an accurate depiction of quality. It's the ONLY objective measurement you can get, and though it might be flawed, it's what we got. And frankly, it's all the relevant companies really cares about.

What WE need to do as fans is tell the armchair analysts to take a hike and simply play the games you want to play. Who cares how well a game does, as long as it's online game is well populated.

gaffyh3479d ago

@Shbzshar - what Gwave is trying to say is that good ratings doesn't mean good financial sales. Look at LBP it got great ratings, and it's sales are ok but Halo 3, GTA4 sales are phenomenal but the games are not great.

Halo 3 is ok, but it is as Gwave says, the graphics, gameplay and quality of the game in general is sub-par to a lot of games. GTA4 that game just completely sucks (imo), worst GTA in a long time, and it sold a lot because of marketing and branding. Even the reviews were affected by the hype for the game, it got so many 10s and the game is like a 7 really.

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KKanjiAnkh3480d ago

Okami cries out into the night.

heyheyhey3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )


SoTC sold well actually (over a million copies)

but yeah.. Okami and Psychonauts

Why o why3480d ago

some of the best games throughout the generations have not been as financially successful as some of the crapper, more popular ones. Its the same in all entertainment industries. Blockbusters are rarely the best movies and the same goes for platinum selling artists. Yes there are some in all industries that have parity with quality and commercial success but those tend to be few and far between

Gun_Senshi3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

As always, like in music and nowdays we starting to see films. Crap mainstream quality = $$$ (WiiPlay 50mil sold)(Jonas Brothers)(Xmen Origins, Wolverine)

For game examples there are hundreds.
Valkyrie Chronicles
Shadow Of The Colosus
and all cult classics

Quality = low sales

Smellslikepie3479d ago

Perhaps WiiPlay sold so much because a controller came bundled with it? That bundle was cheaper than buying the controller alone, at least where I live.

Gun_Senshi3479d ago

What about WiiFit? Or Wii<Insert ehre>

Foxgod3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Actually, i like games like Atelier Rorona, Atelier Iris, Cross edge, Suikoden, etch.
While i find them fun to play, they never where targeted at major audiences.
And thus they can never be compared to Metal gear, Gears of war, Halo etch.

Theres quality and quality, Games like Metal gear, Gears and Halo are quality in every aspect, while games like atelier rorona are only quality in gameplay aspects and are meant to attract the fans of those gameplay elements.

As soon as games like the atelier series and cross edge become mainstream, they get a bigger budget as well, and then they change into large audience titles.
That will also cause a series to lose its niche charm, and thats not what we want do we ?
So instead be glad that a game is made for a smaller audience, stays that way, and still gets sequels.

Timesplitter143479d ago

Definately no, but games that sell well usually get pretty good scores (around 8 or 9/10)

The greatest games ever, like MGS, SotC, Okami, etc are made specifically for the hardcore gamers, so they won't reach a large audience.

Foxgod3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Um, MGS is made for the mainstream.
The rest however i agree on.

All big budget games are aimed at large audiences, so is Metal gear.
Small budget games are aimed at smaller audiences, they can still be fun to play tho.

In the end its always a matter of, how much money can you spend to make a product, more money = more possibilities = bigger audience.

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