Rumor: New Mario game coming, Wii Fit Plus to have online

An article published by Japanese newspaper Nikkei is suggesting that a new Mario game is on the way.

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knox3484d ago

i hope its super mario galaxy 2.

LordMarius3483d ago

and there goes Nintendo's E3 press conference

SKUD3483d ago

LOL. Wait theres still the hardcore crowd. That means ZELDA!.

pwnsause3483d ago

if nintendo's conference is anything like last years, I swear im going to make YTMNDs about it, especially that lady Cammie Dunaway.

qface643483d ago

i have a feeling nintendo will have a good e3 this year not just for themselves but because of all the great 3rd party support they are and will be getting

also nintendo could show a new zelda a new mario pikmin 3 heck they can show EVERYTHING but if its cammie making the announcements all of a sudden it just don't feel great anymore

she puts me to -_-zzzZZZZZ

-x.Red.x-3483d ago

can't wait to show how fat I am to other people!!!

gamesblow3483d ago

Just to let you all know a little something of what is and isn't. Gamesblow is always on the cutting edge, cos' gamesblow knows what he knows for a reason.

gamesblow3483d ago

For the last time "NO"!!!!!!!

Silogon "Trevor" and I are not affiliated in anyway. He was a guy who I got to know over the PSN and Warhawk, as he was apart of our clan for some reason or another. Not my doing...

He expressed interest in carrying on my sort of delivery in giving out Game info and whatnot for sometime... More so after I was forced down by EA for breaking a few embargo's on Dead Space, Dark Void and a few other bits Neo Gaff's, then admin, Jeff Lane wanted to point out.

Silogn said he was opening up a website called the Tilt or VGtilt or something, and that he could swing my readers and fans over to his site and I could update on the site and have admin rights and all that.

I want to be very clear here and specific, cos' a lot of people don't understand this aspect... I then told him no. I didn't want to be bothered with it and had just gotten promoted here at SCE. He and I went on about our business for 5 or 6 months and he e-mailed me with a proposition, said he had his site ready to go and that he'd love it if I would do a podcast with him for his opening...

I said I'd have to think about it. Time when on, he kept asking me and asking me and I agreed. After the interview was done he asked me for some inside pics and vids and I complied and said as long as you never put them on the site with my name attached, we're cool...

He failed to do that.

Do you remember the night his site went down? He had a new site ready to go and he had my vid's and my pics with my face all over his website. Needless to say he wasn't in operation much after 12:10 that night...

Anyways, that is my history with him.

gumgum993483d ago

woah hoho, what's this...rumors?

with continuing rumors comes the possibility of it coming true, and if the PSP Go taught us anything, its that any rumor around E3 has a very good chance of becoming true!

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