Sony Still Has Some Unannounced Games for E3 2009?

Split-screen: "Even though the source is but a man by the name of Jake on Twitter, the receiver of this info - Gametrailers TV's Geoff Keighley - isn't one to take it lightly. On Keighley asking, 'Since PSP Go was leaked along with MGS PSP and Gran Turismo, can we still expect many more announcements from Playstation? Will Sony still have a lot of new announcements despite the PSP Go leaks?'

"The answer? 'Yeah, Sony definitely has some big unannounced games.'"

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Forrest Gump3489d ago

Wow Sony are going to announce games at E3!!!?!?!?!?

I am shocked :O!

Nike3489d ago

Lol, aside from the list that PS Lifestyle provided. Which is a pretty big list so the addition of unannounced games is kinda strange.


I mean, what else is left?

Unbiased13489d ago

Geoff reinvented the wheel?!! WOW Amazing! sarc

Nike3489d ago

Eh. He's a gaming journalist who knows his stuff. And hey, even Osuwah said something similar - surprises being in store - on viewing PS Lifestyle's story on major Playstation E3 games. So, yeah. Go figure.

The General3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I'm calling it now. This E3 is over and nothing on the Xbox can bring them back to take it from Sony. Not Alan Wake, not Forza 3, and the other two games I forgot to mention. 2009 is Sony and the AAA exclusives just keep on coming.

The 360 conference is just going to show a bunch of CGI trailers for exclusives and make multi-platform statements that are no surprise to gamers anymore. DLC is old-school and the best exclusive they have now, Halo 3, is last generation with a new DLC coming out this fall. So no surprises, nothing but 2 exclusives and then the PS3 is getting everything else. So whats the point of an Xbox 360 E3 again?

@unbiased: Sorry about that. Just so many Xbox 360 owners in sheep clothing these days. Always trying to downgrade anything PS3 and then say, "I own all three consoles."

Unbiased13489d ago

The general

You FAIL! I only own PS3 and care only for PS3 but i am not going to go "OMG" because some guy stated the obvious.
You are biased my friend not me, i am just objective.

WildArmed3489d ago

dont care.
I agree with Unbiased on this one.
Alot of could be /should be sorta thing.
Sony has waaay 2 many games already. I dont wanna hurt my budget..

Either way, E3 09 mite be the best one yet.
I do welcome a nice firmware update though ^^

La Chance3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Why so insecure ??? While feel so threatened by the 360.No where in the article does it even mention 360.

Take a look overhere for instance.Nobody cares about the PS3 enough to mention it (except for PS3 trolls of course)

And what EXACTLY are those AAA titles Sony is coming up with this year ??

I see Uncharted 2 and.....

GOW3 + GT5 + = no realease date but probably 2010

Heavy Rain = 2010

WkC is the average next gen JRPG

The general please help me and tell all the incredible AAA titles sony is coming out with in 2009.

SuperM3489d ago

Uncharted 2, R&C:ACIT, MAG, oh and as for a 2010 release date for heavy rain, that is pure speculation. Its been said several times that the game will come out in 2009, and unless sony officially delay the game its coming 09. Oh and WKC. Add that to the awesome games already released this year (KZ2, MLB09, Infamous) and you have a killer lineup.
And who knows, we might see either GT5 or GOW3 hit this year. And if that happends.. well, then its probably one of the best lineups any publisher has ever had for a single year. Actually i think it already is

The General3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

La chance, if that's how it's been. How come you only have two bubbles? And how come you're in every PS3 story?

And cut the BS, 360 owners are always in every PS3 story, instead of saying anything, they go around disagreeing with anything people say that's positive about the PS3. They're just too afraid to say anything because every article seems to be a positive PS3 article about games and the 360 rarely gets one about games. 360 owners are always trying to boast about their console by throwing a sales article once in a while and then everything is back to normal for them, lol. Where are the games is my question.

For this year already, PS3 has already released two GOTY candidates, Killzone 2 and inFamous, numerous great online store titles and http://playstationlifestyle...

and the comprehensive list: http://playstationlifestyle...

Sony is a power house. And they have too much for any other console to matter.

gaffyh3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

@La Chance - You're insecure yourself, the fact that you always bring up bullsh*t points in your arguments show that you are scared that Sony's lineup is a killer lineup compared to MS'. Just get both consoles and STFU dude.

Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank 2, MGS PSP, LBP PSP, MotorStorm PSP, WKC and much much more are confirmed for E3. There are also several unannounced games coming, which is the same with MS except MS has announced NO new games before E3.

La Chance3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

at the end of the last Heavy Rain trailer thers a big 2010.I think Quantic put it their for a reason.

Looking at that INCREDIBLE lineup of yours and the further we go into 2009 the more the PS3 lineup looks pretty bleek.

edit : Im gonna let this Sony cult meeting thread proceed while i patiently wait for E3 :D :D

Why do I have the feeling some people are going to be mad...hmmm...the show hasnt started yet, yet theyre acting already like the 360 hurt their family or something...just imagine when the show will actually kick off...its gonna be great!!

remanutd553489d ago

man im a playstation fan , always have always will , but why do you have to downgrade others companies??? im pretty sure the competition will announce more games coming to their console but why you worry too much about them ??? this article is about PLAYSTATION and believe me , get my name , sony will announce big games , besides the obvious ones , playstation fans all around the globe will be very happy to see what sony have in store for us this year , next and beyond , believe me sony is about to start flexing their muscle in this industry , it was bound to happen with more in house power than anybody else it was just a matter of time , tuesday after sonys E3 conference you will remember what i just said , be a happy playstation fan because sony is like no other , playstation for life !!!! and i congratulate the competition because they have done very good this generation and to some extent they have make a stronger sony , we are about to see sony at its best this generation , you can bet money on that

pwnsause3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

"Looking at that INCREDIBLE lineup of yours and the further we go into 2009 the more the PS3 lineup looks pretty bleek."

even if GOWIII and Heavy Rain gets a 2010 release date, the PS3 still has a strong line up for the Rest of the Year poor bot. please STFU and leave.

STARS3489d ago

PS3 already has two critically acclaimed AAA games this year, Killzone 2 and MLB '09: The Show, not to mention inFamous which is AAA-quality. Looks like your precious 360 has some catchin' up to do, buddy.

Vicodin3489d ago

Yes, the huge number of AAA PS3 exclusive titles in 2009 and early 2010 from Sony's massive array of first party dev houses is a complete joke compared to Microsoft's:

* Downgraded PC port 'exclusives' for the 360, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Mass Effect, etc. all with version that have higher quality PC level graphics that everyone with a PC at home can play and no reason to waste money on a 360

* DLC,DLC,DLC...and some more DLC

* And more tired old Halo milking

Persistantthug3489d ago

"For this year already, PS3 has already released two GOTY candidates, Killzone 2 and inFamous, numerous great online store titles and http://playstationlifestyle...

I notice most people here when addressing the PS3's AAA exclusives of 2009, most of the time they don't mention MLB The Show. That game is a Sports GAME OF THE YEAR Candidate.

silverchode3489d ago

cuz baseball is a dull game.

DominusRebellis3489d ago

^^^ I have to disagree with you, for reasons unknown...

rockleex3489d ago

Is the BBC game!!! O_O

Seriously though, once the BBC game releases, will people still call it the BBC game? Or will people call it by its real name, whatever the real name is?


Arnon3488d ago

"that everyone with a PC at home can play"

Lol... probably why your name is Vicodin.

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Trey4Lyfe3489d ago


kingOVsticks3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Just because MS are more tight lip than Sony doesn't mean they still don't have games to announce. From what I hear Forza 3,splinter cell,alan wake,halo 3 odst,crackdown 2,99 nights 2 are making an appearance and those are the titles MS WANTS you to know. iits going to be an explosive e3 on all side...maybe not nintendo if they don't announce a zelda game

give me zelda or give wii death!

DominusRebellis3489d ago

DUh Dah da dadada da! (Hyrule filed song)

infamous_273489d ago

I feel bad for all you Xbox 360 fanboys. Seriously guys, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm right here.

ultimolu3489d ago

*cries on your shoulder*

My purse is deaaaaaaaad...;~;

Sony has brought out the really big guns now. :o

Slime3489d ago

"I feel bad for all you Xbox 360 fanboys"


You have no idea what the unnanounced games are.

Blind faith is pathetic!

I'm not even excited about the unanounced 360, Wii or DS games. I'll wait until I know what they are before making judgement.

Arnon3488d ago

Reported.. Read the Gamer Zone Posting Guidelines.

Nelson M3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Keep it up Sony
Kick em where it Hurts
Again and Again and Again and Again !!

Panthers3489d ago

OK, in less than 3 days we can put all of this stupid speculation crap to rest. I might not even come back to this site until then.

B-Real2063489d ago

I feel ya brother, it's really a cool time to be a gamer!