Best Playstation 3 Games For Showing Off Your New HDTV

Just got your hands on a brand new HDTV and Playstation 3, and can't wait to be swept away into a world of HD goodness? Well, not so fast buddy, as not all that glitters is gold, and not all HD games really showcase how amazing playing games in HD can be. Fear not, however, as we've compiled a brief list of some of the most beautiful Playstation 3 games out there, that really show off not only what the system can do technically, but also showcase your new HDTV.

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heyheyhey3524d ago

totally agree (although i would remove LBP and it put in Valkyria Chronicles.. it has such an incredible art style)

WildArmed3524d ago

VC is truly amazing.

I totally agree on pretty much everything they placed.
(dats a rare experience!)

I'm glad I'm not the only who enjoys these games ^^

FreestyleBarnacle3521d ago

Restricted access from work. What's on the list?