PSP Go: Size Comparison to DSi, Iphone, & PSP 3000

From Kotaku: The new PSP Go, leaked just before E3 thanks to the June issue of Sony's own Qore, is tiny little thing. Bigger than an iPhone-but not by much-and slimmer than the original PSP.

When placed side-by-side against some of the current portable gaming competition, the PSP Go illustrates just how different it is from its peers and predecessor. The screen ratio looks slightly off from the one that ships with the older PSP model, in addition to being smaller in size-3.8 inches versus the PSP-3000's diagonal size of 4.3 inches.

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Face Palm3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I hope the screen is GLASS like the iPhone and iPod touch so it doesn't scratch. I love how I don't have to worry about my iPod touch scratching when I put it into my pocket and since the PSP Go looks so pocket-friendly, it seems like a logical addition. Looks like a neat redesign but I'm disappointed that it still only has one analog stick though >:(

Fall of this year... damn suddenly that seems really far :/

Chubear3524d ago

I getting this puppy as soon as it lands.

PS3 FanBaby3524d ago

That POS is ugly than the DSi! The graphics appear to be that of the Sega GameGear ROFL! Sony should stop making systems and turn into a developer like Sega since they clearly don't know how to make attractive devices.

Yipee Bog3524d ago

knows whats up, he clearly knows how to run a successful electronics company and i think we should all follow in his lead.

/sarcasm... as if you couldn't smell it from a mile away
seriously, the device looks sexy and i think it will fill many gamers' "on the go" niche. looks promising

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Johnny Rotten3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

First off these pics are not official, so looking at different objects beside each other is pointless.

Who's to say that the iphone was taken from 2 feet away and the PSP was from 1 foot away with zoom? They provided no specs and finish off with the last paragraph stating:

"Keep in mind that these PSP Go figures aren't official, so things may be slightly off". ummm ya, you think.

interrergator3524d ago

true i say we all wait for tuesday :) cant wait to see wat this baby can do

Seraphemz3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Do either of you have Qore? this things looks nice, and I cant wait to have one

cpt3524d ago

It looks like the devices are sized based on their screen size relative to each other. It's not official, but probably not too far off either.

morganfell3524d ago

There is another reason the article is pointless. It is from those Sony hating imbeciles at Kotaku.

Half-Mafia3524d ago

all u have to do is match the screen sizes up on photoshop and ur like 90% right.

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Socomer 19793524d ago

Kotaku: always measuring sony's c0ck.
It's big okay & it dealt you damage get over it.
Kotaku, that gaping butthole ain't gonna get any tighter so forget about feeling it on both sides.

testerg353524d ago

Hahaha.. when the PSP Go was first rumored you ripped sites calling them idiotic. I think you said it was just used to stop people from buying PSPs. So who's the idiot?

psycho3603524d ago

I can't believe your comment didn't get deleted. Reported.

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Socomer 19793524d ago

For the record I always read what you have to say about stuff.
For me, you are n4g & I'm a proud playstation loyalist with respect to all gamers
Except those poor 360 only kids.

Long live morganfell!!!
Dude, you are a modern day Socrates.

Rifle-Man3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I like Morganfell's stuff. And he was right, your comment was spot on – bubbles from me too.

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