Why Oddworld's Return Will Breathe New Life Into The Gaming Industry

Master Samo writes: "This development studio is responsible for a list of games that are considered, by millions, to be some of the most innovative games of all time. Lorne Lanning, President and co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants, is a genius; he is one of the most creative minds in the gaming industry. In fact, I would go as far as calling him "Kojima of the West!", and in this article you will find out why."

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WildArmed3483d ago

Kojima of the west.
Great. I needed a laugh ^^
Good job bro.

Athlon3483d ago

This is the same developer that emphatically refused to develop Oddworld for the PS2 last gen. Didn't he only make like 1 or 2 games? Nevermind. It's hiphopgamer. Why am I not surprised?

Master Samo3483d ago

It does not really matter whether the article favors Microsoft or Sony. In the end, it will not be read simply because it is from the HipHopGamerShow Website. There is no hope for the N4G readers after all. May you grow up faster than you judge.

God Bless You All

Master Samo

Cajun Chicken3483d ago

I really enjoyed your article, great write up. Lets hope OI returns with more Oddoworld, we need that quirkyness in the game industry back.

Cajun Chicken3483d ago

Lorne Lanning needs to return big time as does OI obviously. This time they shouldn't rely on Microsoft because of the s**t they dropped them in last time leaving them last minute to get EA as a publisher for Strangers Wrath with minimal marketing.

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