Halo 3: ODST Xbox 360 pre-orders start at retail

A retailer this week began taking pre-orders for Halo 3: ODST for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

Halo 3: ODST will include an all-new campaign mode that takes place prior to the events of Halo 3, and all-new multiplayer maps.

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Another One3485d ago

59.99 pre-order price tag, although, it could just be a place holder for when they find out the actual price.

Blaze9293485d ago

It's obviously a place holder, no way in hell this game is going to be $59.99; I even believe Bungie said it themselves.

CobraKai3485d ago

I remember Bungie stating that this game won't be full priced. What if MS wants to milk this title for all its worth?

360 man3485d ago

i predict an easy 1.5 - 2 million sold week 1

streety519a3485d ago

If you guys listen to the bungie podcast they've been saying that the game is becoming larger than they initially planned. It could wind up being a ten hour campaign. Although having the same multiplayer as Halo 3 with 3 new maps still does not warrant full price at retail.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33484d ago

Preordering in the first place is just a scam, especially for a game we know next to nothing about.

I thought this was just supposed to be a glorified expansion pack, what's w/ the 59.00 price tag?

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DarkSniper3485d ago

Microsoft is back once again with their money laundering techniques. Playing the con-artist role and you Microsolaves playing the role of the gullible customer. Dressing Halo in a new coat of paint does not hide the fact that Halo is was and still is garbage.

Now Dark Sniper knows why Microsoft changed their title from Halo 3: Recon to something that has STD in it's initials. It's because this title is sickening to look at and more sickening to play.


GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago

DarkDiaper at it again.. Must be working to get those 8th and 9th bubbles right?

Still trying to be a Zhuk wannabe

Shadow Man3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

"Dark Sniper salutes Epic games for making the gradual shift to the best interactive console that gaming has to offer, PLAYSTATION®3. What this means is that Gears of War will finally receive the proper treatment by utilizing the power of PLAYSTATION®3 to it's full potential. Seeing the differences between the PS3 copy and the Xbox 360 copy will be night and day.

Dark Sniper hopes you Microslaves enjoy paying full price for beta copies to be tested on your console. The complete package can only be done on PLAYSTATION®3 and there isnt too much you slaves can do about it.



terrandragon3485d ago

DarkSniper has an D and an S in STD, so I'll just throw a T in there because you are a piece of Trash.

djtek1843485d ago

hope u guys know that darksniper & zhuk are the same person.

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GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago

Minimal effort for maximum profits!

They should just be calling it Halo 3:Cash In

Slime3485d ago

Crab, you are such a retard!

Bungie are putting a lot of effort into this, ODST is far more than a simple expansion. This is also not the 'official' recommended retail price.

GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

A lot of effort into this? For any other game this would be called DLC. But with Bungie and MS they think they can make this DLC out to be more than that and of course charge above average DLC prices for it.

Just look at the new DLC for Gears. It also add's a new campaign chapter and new multiplayer maps which is basically the same thing this is doing. Yeah, some new character models and maybe some new environments but its all using assets and the engine from their 2 year old game, which disappointed most when it launched and was/is far from anything "next-gen" 2 years later. My guess is it still won't even be able to run in an HD resolution and instead has to be crutched by the 360 upscaler.

The same time it's taken to make this DLC other dev's have made entire games.

Just mark my words.. This is going to be panned as overhyped DLC in the end with a premium price tag on a mediocre effort.

I would love to be proved completely wrong about this but after Halo 3 and the mediocre effort MS has been giving lately I have learned.

Like I said MARK MY WORDS!!

Bnet3433485d ago

Looks like GEC is trying to gain some respect from the PS3 entourage. Won't work my friend, just stick to being a fanboy. You don't have to impress anyone here.

Unicron3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Yup, because only Sony fanboys could have found Halo 3 disappointing.

I guess this site is FLOODED with Xbox fanboys then, since the "disappointing MGS4" is nothing more than a "glorified movie."

C'mon Kigmal. You're a Ratchet fan! Don't be hating on Crab... he gets crap from both sides!

GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago

Come on Kigmal.. I towed the 360 and MS flag on this site for YEARS give me a FN break man. I think I've earned the right to bag on the 360 with complete legitimacy. There are no alterior motives and I could give 2 sacks of monkey sh*t to what PS3 fanboys on this site think.

That's the funny thing with fanboys they will love you as long as you tow the line. The minute you don't they turn on you and take your bubbles.

Anyway, you want to argue my points or just psycho analyze my intentions of the post?

7thNightvolley3485d ago

this dlc.. to me is meh.. its dont believe it would be much of a step up from what we see in halo3 it would just be same shyt on another skin.. and MS Slapin a high price on it... gears2 has plans to do the same thing. so y would u think this would be any different.

evrfighter3485d ago

Lol I'm sure Bungie won't complain about the price. As long as they make sure M$ comes out as the bad guys.

"We didn't want this to be the same price as a full game!" says a Bungie rep as he closes the deal on a new summer home.

I'm usually the one telling you console gamers to speak with your wallets for once. But c'mon, seriously, Halo is the exception to that rule. Halo fans will line up with their wallets in one hand and a bottle of lube for Bungie in the other.

...please don't give me a bubble if your a ps3 fanboy. You guys are just as worse.

king dong33484d ago

because the game isn't even out yet! but, lets look at this way. i think that the will game be no less than 5 hours long! plus include a multiplayer from bungie which will no doubt mirror halos.

we've already paid full price for games this gen that have offered less! you know we have..thats on both systems.

i'm not defending bungie or halo, just stating things that have already come to pass this gen.

now for me, i will be buying this no matter what price tag is attached. an open world halo(ish) game, complete with a bungie crafted multiplayer = something pretty good imo. day one for me.

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