So the PSP Go Is Basically a Sony Mylo 2 With Gaming Then?

The PSP Go leak confirmed two things: that the device was real and that it's coming at E3, and that Sony's experience with the Mylo internet device wasn't going to be wasted. They look almost exactly the same.

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RememberThe3573484d ago

Couldn't you say the same thing about any slider?

Saren Arterius3484d ago

Milo looks sexy, Go looks absolutely atrocious.

Information Minister3484d ago

...isn't the Wii basically a Gamecube with a Powerglove then?

menoyou3484d ago

this is not news. marked as spam

Bnet3433484d ago

No, second analog nub? Go is fail.

mastiffchild3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Kigmal_wouldn't a second analogue nub mean a complete hardware revision? Which this really is NOT meant to be and when they move o an actual PSP2 we'll no doubt see it with one.

This is made the way it is as an upgrade to the current models to play the same software with no need for a second nub-basically it's just to test if the market for a YMD free PSP is strong enough for them to go fully digital right now so the extra analogue would serve no purpose at all. They must want the devs to keep things as they are as people only got their 3000's at XMas and more controls would be utilised making all those PSP3000 owners pretty miffed they only got 6 months out of their handheld before it wasn't able to play the best new games.

So to call FAIL is unfair, imo(as I think I'm pretty close to what the purpose of this is), and when the real replacement arrives it will have all the bells and whistles AND be able to play PS2 software downloaded and more PS3 by remote play but if the world isn't ready for total DD just yet a full redesign would prove a real costly experiment.

Obviously I'm reading between the lines and this is opinion but i think I make some sense.

PS3 FanBaby3483d ago

That POS is ugly than the DSi! The graphics appear to be that of the Sega GameGear ROFL! Sony should stop making systems and turn into a developer like Sega since they clearly don't know how to make attractive devices.

D2ThaEasy3483d ago

"Sony should stop making systems and turn into a developer like Sega since they clearly don't know how to make attractive devices." Hmmm makes sense since the PS3 is only the most attractive console to date dumbass

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lloyd_wonder3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

What's the importance or relevance of such an article outside of the obvious cosmetic similarities?

Mindboggle3484d ago

Your far too articulate to be in the open zone...

cryymoar3483d ago

i can tell.
love the avatar btw!

cherrypie3483d ago

The concensus pretty much *everywhere* outside of N4G is that the Go;

A) Is utter failure for not including 2nd stick.
B) Looks like a mylo (which was a massive flop).
C) Is a disappointment.

Information Minister3483d ago

No, Microsoft's official website is NOT *everywhere*.

happyface3484d ago

it looks like a sidekick :(

no touch screen

no dual sticks


RememberThe3573484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Why would they add a new joystick? This is still the PSP, it's not a PSP2.

Oh wait, thats right. You pretended to set your expectations high so that it will seems as though you've been let down.

EDIT: Your still not explaining why you expected a touch screen and a second analog stick. How would the touch screen add to the PSPs usability? Why would they add a new stick right in the middle of the hardware's life cycle?

happyface3484d ago

yeah, shame on me for expecting Sony to release some really exciting new hardware

what was I thinking

Milky Joe3484d ago

They can't add another stick until they release PSP2. As this is just a different version of PSP1, adding another stick would mean everyone who has an original PSP would be able to play the new games because they are missing a stick.

If this was PSP2 then I'd be agreeing with you, but it's not so I'm not.

GiantEnemyCrab3484d ago

Milky: That hasn't stopped Sony from making games that don't play on the original PSP due to memory. I can easily see them making a single and dual controller config for games.

Milky Joe3484d ago

Are there any? I haven't heard of them.

4Sh0w3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

I thought the PSP Go was going to be Sonys new PSP 2 version, I don't get why they made such drastic cosmetic changes at this point just to remake the PSP with no UMD. Sony usually has alot more style than this, seriously I kept thinking the early reports were a joke. I really think they should have really came with something more spectactular or waited until they were ready to go all out with a new redesigned/upgraded specs. This seems like the upgraded PSP2 isn't likely for another 2 yrs or so?

gamesmaster3484d ago

this is different though, the original psp was phased out ages ago, and the majority of psp's out there are the newer models with adequate memory.

adding an extra analogue stick is completely different, there are now 50 mil+ psp's out there. It's like Microsoft releasing new 360's with blu-ray drives and then only making blu-ray games from now on.. would that make sense?

D4RkNIKON3484d ago

If they made such drastic changes to the system like taking out the UMD drive, then they could have added a second analog stick. Second, if they made the second analog stick only button map and duplicate the Triangle, Square, Circle, and X then FPS would be a little more comfortable to play for PSP GO owners. But the games would still work for all PSP models. I think that would have been the best solution to the problem and would have made so many people happier.

Here check out this video of how it would work. The video is of a second analog stick made by and it is for the PSP slim.

GiantEnemyCrab3484d ago

There are titles out there that only play on the PSP 3000 but not many.

I see what you mean but I'm wondering how hard it would be to have a single stick and dual stick controller config put into each game?

Ah well, maybe the next iteration will have it.

gamesmaster3484d ago

i'm all for a second analogue stick too, just when the PSP2 comes out.

akiraburn3484d ago

@4Show and a few other questioning this design, I believe there is logical reasoning behind this move. One of the issues I would imagine, is that since UMD didn't catch on really, there would be a compatibility problem with a future PSP2 having backward compatibility (since it almost certainly wouldn't support UMD).

Eliminating the UMD drive in this model gives them a chance to really transfer everything from a physical medium to a digital format, and thus making it easier to go from the original PSP to PSP2 when the time comes, with almost all the original games being backward compatible (since they will be digital). I would think that this is but one of the key issues that was a concern with the thought of introducing the PSP2 this early, thus the PSP Go was a solution. Through this, they will have a better allotment of time to get the majority of the games on the PS store, in preparation for the PSP2.

As an additional bonus, this leaves the option to possibly create larger and more diverse games, since developers will not be as limited in space. The new emphasis on the PSP Go, the 09'-10' lineup of games, the expanded portability of the games (since they will all be digital), and the look/feel will also open a new audience to their handheld.

The likely assumption, as has been mentioned before, is that the PSP2 probably won't launch for another year and half to two years. This will give plenty of time for nearly all the games to go digital, and for technology to advance and cheapen even farther, so that when the PSP2 is shown, it really will be an thoroughly impressive unit, instead of just a couple steps up from the current model. This would also be in line with Sony's recent history of system launches, and the 6 year time gap between systems.

And as was said before, adding a whole slew of new features really wouldn't make sense for this model. It's still intended as an original PSP, with some expanded features. Adding another analog stick or touch screen would completely isolate the current PSP audience, and is unnecessary until the PSP2's launch.

poopsack3483d ago

they cant have diff schemes for diff models, think about it, what if a new gta came to the PSP and you know those games use almost every button, they use the second analog stick to rotate the camera on the Go, but what would u use on the regular PSP the face buttons? they already have a function, see, itd be too much of a pain for developers.

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njr3484d ago

Be that as it may, it's still a PSP with developer support.

pain777pas3484d ago

Right and no UMD. I'll keep my old one just in case some games don't make it to PSN but this is what the first PSP should have been. I really like this and we should be ready for the next PSP in a few years that will be what we really want.

7thNightvolley3484d ago

so basically psp go is just for download then.. coz and the take away of the UMD is just a way of removing piracy which is a good strategy but i dont think they should bank too much hope on that as a selling point. since most games on the psp ppl dont choose to buy them but download them (get it free) and if this is a new restriction may would not buy this and stick with the 3000 i believe. well time will tell. anyway but i would say its best to have improved more things rather than just download feature or what do u guys think.?

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