E3 2009 Interactive Map

Just click the link, then click on the Microsoft Booth. It then shows the featured games, which are: Halo 3: ODST, Alan Wake, and Forza Motorsport 3.

Earlier IGN talked about 3 games from Microsoft at E3 that they were going to showcase. One was a game announced earlier (Halo 3: ODST) and the other 2 were unannounced. (Forza 3 and Alan Wake) Microsoft still considers Alan Wake to be unannounced. (Based on the latest 1up podcast)

So let the speculation begin!

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N4PS3G3489d ago

Alan Wake Up!! Can't wait!!

Blaze9293489d ago

Alan Wake will be amazing, experience. I just watched the theatrical trailer once more and man is it epic. Finally can't wait to see more on this game.

Forza 3...meh, never really been a Forza fan but it is indeed the best car game when it comes to customizations and creations. Amazing what cars people make in Forza 2 out of squares, cones, triangles etc and the drifting with the online community is great, its like no one actually RACES online.

Hydrolex3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Lets see what they are hyping so much ! It's an AAA hype

AridSpider3489d ago

Haha yeah, I play Forza 2 like crazy and been doing so since it launched. The online is great and like you say, its all about drifting; no one really races. I have one of those "crazy" custom cars, got Dragonball Z on it, Goku and Freeza. Took me quiiiiiite a long time haha. I can't wait for some Forza 3 details.

Alan Wake should be sweet too.

3489d ago
Saren Arterius3489d ago

Alan Wake = Game of the Show, Game of the Year, Game of the Generation.

Can't Wait

green3489d ago

You guys should speak for yourself.i am currently playing Forza 2 and the online career mode is all about racing.

jib3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

more excited about forza 3 than i am for alan wake. can't wait to hear about both regardless.

whats this about drifting? i've clocked in 120hours in FM2 / 1200 races. from the races i've joined online, i'm pretty sure the community is more about racing than drifting

KillaManiac3489d ago

man...this game was on the path of Duke Nukem Forever...

It better be good after years and years of hype....

MazzingerZ3489d ago makes it sounds as if there were lots of games to choose from to speculate.

MEsoJD3489d ago

better be amazing because its the only game I'm hyped for on Microsoft side.

ShabzS3489d ago

games from rare and lion head? ... those must be the surprise announcements

3489d ago
CaseyRyback_CPO3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Been waiting the past years for this one! Here we come!

edit @ disagrees:

Oh, is Alan Wake no longer a PC exclusive? Whats happening...??!?! Guys seriously.. i thought Alan wake was exclusive to the PC/360? is it not????

edit #2:

Wait i checked, yea its still a PC game. Ohhhh wait sorry.. There is no PC version. Nothing to see here.... keep moving along.

PS3 FanBaby3489d ago

MicroSoft FTMFW!

Alan Wake = AAA

KaBaW3489d ago

Yea.. You go and get Alan Wake on your PC.
Hope you can play it as well as the x360..
No really.. Good luck.

Face it, half the people that act like you are right now, in reality can't play half these games on their supposed high-end PC. Not many people can..

evrfighter3489d ago

From what I remember. The dev's stated that it's going to require AT LEAST a quad core. I'm not even up to date in that department yet. But they do start less than 90 dollars on AMD's side

shawnsl653489d ago

hope they show some real gameplay footage on both pc side and console side for alan wake.

Alvadr3489d ago

Forza - Ewwwww
Halo - Meh
Alan Wake - Yey!

DelbertGrady3489d ago


It will be 2008 all over again. MS will blow away the competition with their E3 reveals, and Sony will push back all their big titles as usual.

Daoshai3489d ago

Goodjob on being the most pathetic person on n4g. Props to you retard

potenquatro3488d ago

if you got duo and 8800(aprox.$100) or above you'll be able to run it on HD 30+fps no problem. But I have no idea if it's going to PC.

y0haN3488d ago

Nothing says visual fidelity like high resolution and high frame rate. Not that you know what those things even mean. You think a PC with a GTX 260, 4GB RAM and a Core 2 (a 'decent' gaming PC) couldn't kick any 'other' version's ass?

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jay23489d ago

A.W is NOT unanounced

really duh3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Click your heels and repeat 3 times *There's no place like NO!*

really duh3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Wii gets a new Zelda that sure will make the hardcore crowd happy.

Gamspot E3 setup is pretty fancy I noticed what looks like a new gamespot news rework on XBL.

madkrazygames3489d ago

I'm pretty sure a Zelda is coming this year

BX813489d ago

I've yet to play the one on the WII, I'm slacking but an extra zelda to play on top of that would be sweet!

WildArmed3489d ago

oh dat'd be awesome!
I can get back on my wii then :D

lookin 4ward 2 Alan wake.. its got too much buzz around it :D

Also, Halo looks interesting.
Forza..I'm not much of a racer.

Hydrolex3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Alan Wait, Can't Wake

-MD-3489d ago

Are those lyrics from "the gayme"?

BX813489d ago

Butterfly tatoo on my face gives me the ability to hate on games like a troll.

ShabzS3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

odst alan wake and forza .... those are some killer apps.... add in crackdown 2 and it would be even more amazing

AridSpider3489d ago

Crackdown 2!? HELL...yes

AridSpider3489d ago

Crackdown was just so good they GOT to have a 2nd.

3489d ago
Thugbot1873489d ago

3rd on that, I want to see crack down 2

WildArmed3489d ago

Crackdown was fun.
One thing i loved was co-op.
The only thing that made me come back 4 more.
We need more open world co-op.

Crackdown on 360
Mercs 2 on Ps3.
I play em like hell thnx 2 online co-op.

Thugbot1873489d ago

Why am I not surprised, we get Disagree because we want to play part two of a game. LOL

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