Four things that the Super Mario series gets wrong

While Super Mario may have starred in what are considered some of the greatest games ever made, that doesn't mean he is without fault. The Mario games have been some of the most innovative over the years, but they've still missed some real opportunities to grow beyond the original concept. The following four areas are ones where Nintendo has simply dropped the ball on fully exploiting Mario and his cohorts.

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Shnazzyone3483d ago

this article just sucks.. all 4 reasons are weak reasons... wtf is with "make the mushroom kingdom feel more real" what does that even mean?! This is just the stupidest thing i've ever read. None of these are even vaguely good points. I'm sure there is some things the series gets wrong... none pf those things are listed in this article however.

Xander-RKoS3483d ago

Yes, the article does suck.

Here's why:

1) They did. Super Mario Bros. 2 (I believe, I'm not fact checking) but you go to play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach. Super Mario 64 DS, Mario, Wario, Luigi, and Yoshi. Heck, even in Super Mario Galaxy beating the game unlocks the harder to control Luigi.

2) The RPG series does that already. They even established other kingdom's aside from Mushroom and Bowser's.

3) Yes, the Paper Mario series has a story because, for the most part, it's an RPG. And RPG with no story is fail. A platformer with no real story is acceptable. Besides, games like Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy have levels and challenges that seem compelling enough to most people to just play the game and even go beyond the stories "end".

4)Here's a question, why didn't Darth Vader just die in A New Hope? Why didn't Elmer Fudd just give up after the first try to shoot Bugs Bunny? Why doesn't Eggman stop trying to get that Hedgehog? Why don't a lot of franchise villains just go away after their first shot at beating the hero? Because it establishes itself as iconic. What is Luke in the original Star Wars without battling Vader? Good vs evil, light vs dark, stuff like that. Some might not want to hear it, but Bowser kidnapping the Princess and Mario kicking his scaly butt is just plain iconic.

qface643483d ago

i was about to read it but when i read what you said about the making the mushroom kingdom more real lol
im not even gonna bother

Montrealien3483d ago

well, one thing it does get right is to get places like this writing articles about it almost 25 years after starting.

Campy da Camper3483d ago

Was the first "boss" I ever fought. that was roughly 20 years ago. He's iconic. To rid the series of Bowser is heresy. NEXT!

gamesblow3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

No he wasn't... King Koopa was. Bowser was not in the 1st game.

And all of his arguments are valid, like it or not. I am a huge SMB fan, played the first one in 1985 when I was 7 years old, if that.

But I like the way he thinks on these issues. E-3 we hear of a new Mario game for the wii, maybe it will adress these issues as what we've heard Mario will be lost in Nintendo world and all of his friends have been taken hostage by various Nintendo villans of the past.

Each world is relevant to a nintendo game from what we understand. There is a Zelda world, A super mario world "of course", A kid Icarus world, a Metroid world, a Donkey Kong world and even a nintendo sports world. "Punch out" Perhaps?

It's been talked about for about 2 years now behind closed doors... I'd love to see it happen. But, alas... I do not work for Nintendo and cannot make heads or tails if it is going to happen or not. Cross your fingers for it, I suppose.

Unbiased13483d ago

If true than that sounds like some Kingdom Hearts copy.

poopface13483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I thought koopa and bowzer were the same guy, just named different. I really want nintendo to make a mario game that is more like mario 64 again. With just mario and a bunch of crazy moves, no cutesy gimmicks. In mario 64 mario had a crap load of moves, even ones youd never use like the flying karate kick(not a+b but foward b+z I think), or the leg sweep.

yeah-- wiki says bowzer and koopa are the same.

ChickeyCantor3483d ago

The name of the king depends on in what region you are.

Bowser and Koopa are the SAME.

CobraKai3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Finally someone clears that up for me. Making the mushroom kingdom feel more real is hands down officially the stupidest thing I have ever heard. And I've seen parts of "Dude Where's My Car"

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greyfox2353483d ago

how do you make koopas,goombas,etc. more real lol

qface643483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

you know what i just noticed
they once tried to make the mushroom kingdom feel more real it was called the super mario bros movie and look at how that turned out

7 foot tall goombas .____.

SpoonyRedMage3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

You've seen the film right?:P

@^: Damn you beat me to it.

qface643483d ago

lol couldn't help it his comments just reminded me about the movie

PainisCupcake3483d ago

Mario = beating a dead horse in the hope that the twitching gives some illusion of life.

Rowsdower3483d ago

gamer version of 10 ways to please your man in cosmo

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