PSP Recieves LPB, Gran Turismo. New Metal Gear? This Fall

Koku Gamer writes: "The biggest surprise so far at E3 hasn't come from either the Wii or Xbox 360. Instead the PSP has stolen the lime light with announcements that Little Big Planet Portable, Gran Turismo & even a new Metal Gear game may be on the way. John Koller (Director Of Hardware Marketing) unveiled the titles & also speculated that a release could be due this Fall."

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wwm0nkey3489d ago

Dont like the PSP at all, so will be passing

TheBand1t3489d ago

Louisiana Public Broadcasting
La Plata Basin
Low Ping Bastard

chrisnick3489d ago

jealous of what? I have 2 psp's one's modded and one isn't and please believe me, the psp go is bought. will go pretty well with my 3 ps3's as well. bet you didn't know huh? i was commenting on the obvious grammatical error.

DevastationEve3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

luscious playboy bunnies
leftwing political bureaucrats
lifelike plastic buttocks :P
lovely polished backsides :P
lively proficient banging :P <--------read the heading with THAT one, lol

micro_invader3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )


Come on, approvers use your damn eyes. You did this yesterday with the ratchet news story. That's two strikes, one more and you're OUTTA here!! Not really, but you know what I mean :p

Ziriux3489d ago

I'm sorry guy. I'm a dummy for not noticing that I put LPB instead of LBP. I apologize, I can't believe approvers forgot to report so I could have changed it before approval.

PS3 FanBaby3489d ago

That POS is ugly than the DSi! The graphics appear to be that of the Sega GameGear ROFL! Sony should stop making systems and turn into a developer like Sega since they clearly don't know how to make attractive devices.

PS3 FanBaby3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

LMFAO! LittleBigPlanet was a major flop on PS3 why would it be any different on the PSP now with a SMALLER screen? It's basically gonna be the same flop of a title but on a lame DS ripoff! What's it gonna get a 9.4? FLOP!

ROFL! What a major stumble by Sony! I can see the dummies in the board room "Hey let's upgrade the PSP by making the screen smaller!" LOL!

I feel such pity for the poor, poor Sony fans... NOT!

ArsArcanum3489d ago

lol i cant tell if ur being sarcastic or not

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Cinotix3489d ago

Gran Turmismo to go no, heck yea, been wanting to play this on a sweet PSP when waiting for a buss. LPB is no exception, cannot wait for the little bugger. MGS, we'll see how that turns out.

DevastationEve3489d ago

it's LBP. unless you mean leftwing political bureaucrats, lol.

pain777pas3489d ago

I saw Warhawk in that video they showed on Qore. I really did so we may be adding it to the list which is great.

Xeall3489d ago

bout time i had a reason to get my psp back out. been gathering dust since Crisis core

Ziriux3489d ago

Great game, but there was definitely more hit games than Crisis Core on the system. Oh well now you have three reasons to turn it on again.

truewittness3489d ago

"The biggest surprise so far at E3 ..."

are these guys from the future?

Ziriux3489d ago

I'm pretty sure they mean, Pre-E3 surprise. Monday will be a whole new ball game.

truewittness3489d ago

i know, i just thought it was funny. i'm going to dvr all the shows.

happyface3489d ago


how much more ruined can sony's E3 get?

Its going to be awfully embarrassing when they make all their big "announcements" that everyone in the audience already knows about

ThatCanadianGuy3489d ago


You think Sony doesn't have more announcements to make?
All im saying is..Gonna be the best E3 ever :)

happyface3489d ago

I think they've wasted announcements on LEAKS

how dumb can you be to waste annoucements like trico and new sidekick psp

Unicron3489d ago

About as dumb as revealing big titles like ME2?

These "leaks" are often planned.

callahan093489d ago

It's unfortunate that the PSP leak happened. It was definitely unintentional, I mean, come on. It was leaked in the June episode of Qore, which wasn't advertised as being available, and wasn't added to the storefront, but was only temporarily downloadable from annual subscribers' download list. They removed it. It was clearly not supposed to be available to download yet. It was still had the *coming soon* June 2009 Qore Episode 13 in the download list, like it always does right before it gets uploaded. However, for some reason, we were actually able to download it temporarily today. I did download it and check it out, and at the VERY BEGINNING of the PSP Go segment Veronica Belmont says something along the lines of (don't remember the exact quote) "Fresh off the hot unveiling at E3, we get our hands on the PSP Go." It was clearly intended to be watched AFTER e3.

BUT, I still think there will be lots of surprises from Sony at e3. I mean, sure, the PSP Go was accidentally leaked early, and that's one surprise down the drain. But it's just PSP related. We all know the big dog is the PS3, not the PSP, so there's bound to be some good stuff in store.

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