Top 10 game sales worldwide per region in week 21, 2009, on Amazon

This week's listings of the top 10 sellers per region worldwide on Amazon, for all systems combined.

For America the list is: 1. EA Sports Active (Wii), 2. Wii Fit with Wii Balance Board (Wii), 3. Infamous (PS3), 4. Mario Kart with Wii Wheel (Wii), 5. Punch-Out!! (Wii), 6. Fallout 3 Collector's Edition (Xbox 360), 7. Wii Play with Wii Remote Controller (Wii), 8. Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (Wii), 9. UFC 2009 Undisputed (Xbox 360), 10. My Fitness Coach (Wii).

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WildArmed3486d ago

the love it deserves.

And that Fable 2 is still gettin love.
Amazing game :D

Trey4Lyfe3486d ago

wanna nail that woman HARD

xabmol3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

SotC?! Wow!! Did not see that coming.

Good to know there are lots of people with great taste out there. I hope TRICO gets some good sales. Team ICO deserves it.

WildArmed3486d ago

you are right!
I didnt notice.
And MGS Collectors edition is up there 2! :D

heyheyhey3485d ago

people probably checking it out in light of the leaked Trico footage to catch up

kingOVsticks3486d ago

good to see infamous getting some love. Wii fit doesn't need anymore :/

romemac73486d ago

good to hear from infamous

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The story is too old to be commented.