PlayStation Home: Presentation Podium Space Now Available

PlayStation Home has a new space "Presentation Podium." It's E3 time!

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WildArmed3483d ago

streaming for the whole show.
(Sony E3 i mean)

SmokingMonkey3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

people are going to show up early to get good seats! in a virtual world, crazy!

WildArmed3483d ago

each 'world' will be limited to 64 people.
Just like always.
so expect the 'world' you join to have 63 other ppl there ^^

IrishRepublicanArmy3483d ago

i wont get my ps3 back until 19th june!!

chrisnick3483d ago

im doing this just for the experience.

Bigbangbing3483d ago

actually I think there will be a live streaming for SCEA press conference only, James Gallagher from Euro PS blog almost confirmed it :)

Lucreto3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

There is going to be an hour or two wait before it appears in Home. I might watch it again and interact with others.


OmarJA3483d ago

Bubbles for my friend nbnt for the info.

Myst3483d ago

I'll probably go in home (haven't used it much to be honest) and watch it, because I just know that on the day that the presentations I really want to watch, something will come up and tear me away.

Blaze9293483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

and finally be the reason for me to boot up HOME since the public beta launched is if Sony does a live stream of the Sony conference. Then also do live streams of like, a hat cam or just following a Playstation blog manager around on the show floor talking to publishers/developers on some of the games we can't wait to play, all in the theater space. That'd be epic.

IrishRepublicanArmy3483d ago

will the space be deleted??? bubbles for a reply or a pm message!!

MEsoJD3483d ago

confirmed that they will be streaming the Sony E3 conference from this home space?

WildArmed3483d ago

ahh :D
this will my second or third time in home.
Looking forward 2 seeing ya'al there

Bigbangbing3483d ago

Bubbles for you too my old friend OmarJA :D

PS3 FanBaby3483d ago

HAHAHAHAHA! What a joke XD

rockleex3483d ago

If you can get Trophies for doing things in Home. That would give people more incentive to use it. ^_^

Watch E3 in Home: Trophy unlocked
Win a Texas Hold 'Em game in Home: Trophy unlocked
Find out the secret of Xi: Trophy unlocked

You get the point. Since Home is free and always being updated with new stuff to do, you'll be getting TONS of Trophies... for FREE!

Dimitri3483d ago

IrishRepublicanArmy i dought that the space will be deleted, after how much work they have put in to it. Its quite impressive.

I think that this space will be accesible even months after E3, because the presentation podium will be used for E3 2010 ;).

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Graphics3483d ago

this been available for a while.

RevN8r3483d ago

I'm surprised that so many people haven't seen this yet, it's been up at least a week now, and it was all over this site when it was released. I can't wait to see what they do with it, though! If you go up on the walkway you can see a waterfall beyond the door that we can't get through, and the ominous large door behind the stage has me intrigued as well. E3 can't come soon enough!

Galvanise3483d ago

will be available a few hours AFTER it airs live. It won't be streaming live in there.

RevN8r3483d ago

Yeah, this has been confirmed on several sites. I'll probably watch it live somewhere else, and then come over to the Presentation Stage to watch it again later.

Finalfantasykid3483d ago

Ya I think thats what I'll be doing to. It will be cool to see other people's reactions to some of the announcements made. I wonder how the Home servers will hold up with the increased traffic during e3.

Godmars2903483d ago

But then I'll probably end up streaming it on my PS3 regardless :p

NMC20073483d ago

I dunno if this was a good idea, hopefully they did or do a test to see how many characters can fit into one place at once or else this will be a disaster, unless they have a bunch of theaters around the home world, I couldn't imagine them having only one spot, good stuff though.

OR! Does HOME not have that sort of problem?

poopsack3483d ago

HOME does not have that sort of problem

ThatCanadianGuy3483d ago

There's dozens if not hundreds of different places of the same type.

For example, the mall in Home.There is a preset number of people that can be allowed in any givin mall.Once the number is reached any new people going to the mall get sent into an entirely different one.Even tho it's the exact same layout.

The only problem i can think of with this, is, those god damn morons who stand infront of the screens with their little bubble machines and talk.

Like in the theatre..

poopsack3483d ago

lol happyface loling at home.

happyface3483d ago

wait, you misunderstood me

I was all like, LOL this looks awesome yay home

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