IGN Pre-E3 2009: Alpha Protocol Preview

Alpha Protocol has a terrible name and, unfortunately, a lot of editors in the office and many of our readers haven't yet paid much attention to it. I was certainly among the many that couldn't care less when this game was announced or first shown. But that's changed after getting an extensive preview of the E3 build. Three things caught my interest: This is a spy RPG (how rare is that?), it doesn't rely on a morality system for its branching paths and it's uber geeky.

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Kamikaze1353482d ago

It's probably just an MMO. I doubt there will be 300,000 players in one server. I wonder how it'll turn out, though.

ASSASSYN 36o3482d ago

But will they deliver. I am sick of waiting on a massive multiplayer game for consoles. I am seriously looking at getting a gameing pc to fill that void.

Kamikaze1353482d ago

There are massive multiplayer online games coming out for it...

The Agency
DC Universe
Free Realms

BYE3482d ago

This game looks amazing, I mean spy RPG, there is nothing more to say.

Unless they totally screw it up it's a day one buy for me.

dantheman15153481d ago

Hopefully your actually a spy. That pic of the main character with a rocket launcher doesnt scream stealth. If they can give the player sleek weapons and keep the missions from being over the top action sequences straight out of a Michael Bay film than this will be a day one buy for me. Looking forward to this along with other slealth games; such as, Assassins Creed 2, The Saboteur, and Splinter Cell: Conviction.