A look back on Nintendo's past three E3 press conference events

Ever since the Nintendo Wii was released back in 2006 it has been one of the most sought after items ever. Their marketing towards the system has made it gold bringing all ages together to just enjoy the simplest of games but is it truly the dominant force it has turned out to be ?. Here is lvlone's E3 analysis on the matter dating the release of the console.

"Nintendo's first true E3 involving the Wii was in 2006. It was here the public got to see many of the now classic games in the Wii library, including Mario Galaxy, Metriod Prime 3, and Wario Ware: Smooth Moves."

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Ziriux3489d ago

Ahh the Zapper, sounded all good at that time.

staub913488d ago

Watching Nintendo the past three years is like watching paint dry...
I'm exaggerating, but still I'm into hardcore gaming not casual gaming.

Nintendo is not trying to target gamers like most of us here on N4G.

Mindboggle3489d ago

I will never forget the drums....What an epic fail. Nintendos Press conference last year was cringe worthy...

pwnsause3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

well it made Sony 2006 E3 conference look like it was the greatest conference ever, Giant enemy Crabs and RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGE RAAAAAAAAAACER!!!! LMAO

TIKUP3488d ago

Nintendos E3s are usually sh!t
nothing big is expected from them :P

c64days3488d ago

with a piece of plastic and made a noise like they invaded the wheel.

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