PSP Core Price Drops to $169 Starting April 3rd

If you've recently had an itch that only buying a PSP could scratch, then you're in luck: starting tomorrow, April 3rd, Gamestop and EB Games will cut the price of the PSP Core Pack by $30 from $199 to a much more attractive $169. The Core Pack comes bundled with an AC adapter and battery, but that's besides the fact: the PSP's price is now in the same proximity of the dominant DS Lite's, which currently stands at $129.

Will other retailers follow suit? It'll only be a matter of time.

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Bigmac5734275d ago

I got mine at $299 -_- I'm a geek though

Robotz Rule4275d ago

I bought mine at launch for $250,and it's good since the PSP is getting better games now(Ratchet,Socom 2,Killzone,GTA:VCS,MGS:PO)and is going to get some FF games as well.

GaMr-4275d ago

The whole PS3,PSP connectivity thing. I might get it just for that purpose.

IPlayGames4275d ago

when the fam or your lady wanna watch t.v. but u wanna do some stuff on the 3.

SmokeyMcBear4275d ago

true or I use it the other way around. When I wanna watch a game on t.v. and the nieces and nephews are screaming for nickelodean, you can connect your psp and if you have some kid movies, you know ice age, toy story, shrek, you can play it on the psp and have the kids be entertained, by all of the watching the psp screen, it amazes them, too funny

StrboyM4275d ago

but honestly would it have killed em to go to $149, tat woulda been the sweet spot for the psp. or the core for 149 and throw in a mem stick for the $169

good move though

SIX4275d ago

trying to get rid of old stock. Remember all those rumors of a re design?

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