BlizzCon 2009 Tickets Officially Sold Out

Blizzard has announced that the final block of tickets for BlizzCon 2009 have sold out.

Those who are looking to attend this year's BlizzCon will either need to win their way in or spend some extra money through a third-party, as the ship has sailed for obtaining tickets from the publisher itself.

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Demonsdown3485d ago

Meh I wouldn't never pay over $100 to see an advertisement.

Sarevok3485d ago

They must be hard core fans.

menoyou3485d ago

Why in the world would anyone pay money to go to this? How self important can Blizzard be? Their very own convention? Lol.

They're not even that great.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3485d ago

Blizzard and Square enix target the same market. Lifeless and brainless people who overrate everything who came from blizzard or s.e

Torkith3485d ago

Unfortunately I was not able to obtain tickets this year. Was really looking forward to it, being merged with the World Wide Invitational and being expanded into the fourth hall as well.

Possibly the fastest selling tickets ever? Who knows, but when you click within 1 second of them going on sale and being 9000 in queue... there's gotta be a record or something. lol.

-MD-3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I have friends that exclusively play WoW and have not touched another video game is 3+ years who are going to this event. I don't get why they would waste their money when all they do is display action figures and discuss upcoming game changes on a panel.

Waste of time.

Edit: If I was Blizzard I would sell these tickets at like 400+ a pop because it'll still sell out in minutes.