Zune HD coming to Europe, Microsoft adds features including XBL intergration

Microsoft's promises to their faithful Zune demographic haven't all been over-enthusiastic and unrealistic, as the company has proved with the announcement of Zune's release in Europe during the autumn and the addition of many shiny new features, such as Xbox Live intergration and much more.

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josh143993486d ago

i think they should stop making zunes because the original sucked

4Sh0w3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Its true just because you say so. I would ask you to explain WHY it sucked but I doubt I'd get a reasonable response. Zune was a good piece of gear, more features than vs comparable iPods, this Zune HD has alot of potential, if it intergrates nicely with 360, includes some XBLA games then I'm sold.

WildArmed3486d ago

You know I thought they stopped making these?
( no I don't own a Zune or an Ipod.) just a normal mp3 guy :/

but Zune HD actually might make an impact on Apple's sales

really duh3486d ago

This is your 5th or 6th MS article you have made negative comments in today. Please stop surfing MS E3 news trying to disrupt conversation.

kidnplay3486d ago

Thanks all for your comments.

@Josh14399: Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but (if we're deadly honest) the Zune wasn't a bad bit of kit. The only reason the original didn't do well was the fact that it was marketed as a competitor to the iPod which, at the time, was immensely popular. On its own, the Zune stands out as better than most MP3 players.

@4Sh0w: Hopefully the Zune will tie in with the Xbox360, and if it does (and is done well) Microsoft are going to see a whole load of sales of the Zune purely on that tie in - it appeals to 360 owners as well as those in to buy a portable media player. However, I'm not sure whether XBLA games will be intergrated or not, purely down to whether the Zune HD's processor is up to running them.

@skv007: We'll have to wait and see. The Zune HD might well tempt alot of people away from buying iPods, particularly if the marketing is good and the price is less than an iPod.

Linford (kidnplay)

WildArmed3486d ago

I dont think we have to worry about it not being Marketed.
MS does marketing really well.
I mean look at 360 n its games.
They are marketed really well.
So i dont think that should be a problem :D

kidnplay3486d ago

Yeah, if their marketing is to the standard I've come to expect from Microsoft, then it shouldn't be a problem. But, if they're going to get a good response in Europe, they're going to have to market to the same high standard. Otherwise Zune HD will flop.