Microsoft to announce Halo: Reach at E3?

Examiner writes: "A mysterious category, Halo: Reach, appeared on forums today. However, it and a thread asking about it were promptly deleted."

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TheColbertinator3482d ago

The colony of Reach is a difficult setting to use.Any work you do is pointless once you find out that the Covenant sent an entire Armada to exterminate Reach

WildArmed3482d ago

ughh.. noooo
spooiler :(
dmn it!

Another One3482d ago

this thing on the actually site. There were links to the forum, they didn't work of course. It is not photoshopped or anything. Bungie may have made a slight slip, considering their known to be tight lipped. Hopefully it'll be announced at E3 and not later.

WildArmed3482d ago

Lets seee Halo:ODST first. Im more hyped about that.
Considering Reach might end up as Halo wars Part 2? xD

But i think 1 Halo at a time is a good idea :D

Trollimite3482d ago

they are whoreing the $hit out of this "mighty" franchies, i just dont want it to end up like crash badicoot, spiro, jak racing, sonic, they all used to be super powers no they totaly suck (eccept for jak)

chill out M$, pump your brakes

WildArmed3482d ago

they just want money.
Nintendo is milking its franchises so why shouldn't MS?
Not that I'm saying that its a good thing.
Just playing the devil's advocate.

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N4PS3G3482d ago

lol the speculation is going crazy at GAF

Jumper093482d ago

Can u give me the Links?
I dont get the restric forum search option :/ and i cant see the same as on that screen :(

ZombieNinjaPanda3482d ago

Will it be an RTS or will it be an fps?

If Fps, hopefully they'll include a new engine, and if they do they would be able to do a really good job. Considering that there is so much story to tell about all the older Spartans.

Another One3482d ago

which it likely will be considering it's a forum on their website, I'd believe it would have to be a shooter. I would also imagine, considering how bloody the battle for Reach was in the books, that the engine would be reworked to be a little more gritty and dark. Kind of in the vein of what we've been led to believe ODST is.