WTP: Bionic Commando Review

WTP writes: "As the title suggest, Bionic Commando's driving force is this mechanical appendage. With it, players are able to swing through the city, much like Spider-Man, traveling to places a normal soldier wouldn't be able to reach. Whereas the ability to swing around the rooftops is more or less automated in a typical Spider-Man game, here players are forced to mind their surroundings at all times looking for surfaces that can be effectively grabbed, while also focusing on combat that makes of the bionic arm as well. Players can use the arm to put the hurt on the game's terrorist force by picking up heavy objects (such as boulders or cars) and hurling them at enemies, or even the opposing soldiers themselves, using them to knock others down. It should be noted that a number of critics complained that some of the challenges posed by using the bionic features in the game make it unnecessarily difficult and frustrating. Impatient gamers should take heed, and inexperienced gamers should note that this is something that's certainly designed for the pros".

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