Stars Catalogue "Wii Points" Problem

Did anyone notice the sudden addition of Wii Points to the Stars Catalogue on Nintendo's European site last Friday? TotallyWii did, as did many others, and instantly parted with 789 stars to purchase the points on offer.

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Torch4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

I've got a major pet peeve with Nintendo's Wii points.

Not long after getting the console in late november, I went ahead and purchased some points online, for a couple of virtual console games I wanted to download.

We here in Ontario are subject to an accumulated sales tax of 14% for all retail purchases. However, since Nintendo charges us in US funds, the added 14% sales tax is ALSO calculated in US funds. This means that in reality, we're subject to a 16%+ effective tax rate.

Quite honestly, I don't even know if Nintendo's actions are legal. It really, really pisses me off...our crooked government extorts enough money from our purchases...what I'd like to know is whether Nintendo submits to the governent the excess that they're charging as a result of the exchange rate, or keep it for themselves.

Either way, ONE of them is wrongfully stealing my money.

ChickeyCantor4273d ago


( 4 star points is 1 wiipoint right?

and then get 1000 wii points in return is not a bad make-up.